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Wooden Windows: Benefits, Types and Costs

Wooden windows

Wooden windows can give your home an elegance and charm that just can’t be achieved with more modern materials, both inside and out. With some care wooden windows can be a very long-term option for your home, which means that you don’t have to worry about replacement windows for many years.

To help you decide whether wooden windows are the right choice for your home, we’ve put together the benefits, costs and everything you’ll need to consider in this article.

Types of wood for wooden windows

You’ll be met with a few different options when it comes to choosing the type of wood for your windows.

Softwood Timber windows

Softwood will often be much cheaper than hardwood and suits contemporary and period-style homes. It might have stains over it but they’re usually painted and will require a fresh coat every few years. The most stable and durable type of softwood is Douglas fir.

Hardwood Timber Windows

Hardwood is more stable and durable than softwood as it’s slower growing which gives it a tighter grain. This also means that you’ll get more life out of it than softwood. Oak is a popular choice of hardwood.

Oak windows

This can be a very expensive option, so why choose oak? Well, it carries a lot of benefits such as being very stable and durable which makes it the ideal choice for your windows.

Benefits of Wooden Windows

Wooden windows can bring many potential benefits to the outside and inside of your home, we’ve listed some of the benefits below to help you decide if they’re the right choice for you.

Long lifetime

Wood has a very lengthy lifetime and could be part of your home for as long as 60 years.

Environmentally friendly

Unlike other materials used for windows (such as uPVC) wood is a completely natural material. In some cases, trees are replanted to replace the timber used to manufacture windows.

Energy efficiency

If lowering your carbon footprint and reducing your home’s impact on the environment is important to you then you will make great strides with wooden windows. With a potential lifetime of 60 years, you could reduce the CO2 output of your home by almost a tonne during that period.


Wood acts as an excellent insulator which will help to keep the warmth inside and not allow it to escape.

Wooden window designs

Plenty of choice when it comes to the design from the type of wood to the colour.

Weather resistant

If the wood receives the proper maintenance then it’ll be resistant to the weather.

Increase value of home

All of these benefits come together to potentially help you increase the value of your home.

How much do wooden windows cost?

The price of ready made wooden windows will differ depending on the type of wood, the size of the window and the manufacturer. We’ve put some potential costs together for a 90mm x 60mm casement window in the table below.

Type of Wood Potential Cost
Softwood £825 – £925
Hardwood £925 – £1,700

The table below compares the potential price of ground floor casement windows with different materials.

Size of Window (mm) Timber Aluminium uPVC
600×900 £850 – £950 £550 – £600 £500 – £600
900×1200 £1,200 – £1,300 £650 – £750 £750 – £850
1200×1200 £1,350 – £1,450 £750 – £850 £850 – £950

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These potential softwood and hardwood window prices don’t include installation, which will vary depending on the installer. For this reason, we highly recommend getting quotes from at least 3 different installers to give you the greatest chance of finding the best deal for you and your home.

Considerations of wooden windows

You can have wooden windows fitted to your home for as long as 60 years so it’s important to consider the possible downsides before having them installed.

Regular maintenance

Need to be well looked after which can be done by having them refinished or painted.

Could rot

Wood that isn’t well looked after becomes vulnerable to rot.


It’s also worth noting that wooden windows are more expensive than other materials used for window frames such as uPVC and aluminium.

Wooden window maintenance

No matter the material of window, it will require some sort of maintenance for you to get the most out of it. If you’re able to take the time to look after your wooden windows then you could be looking out of them for many years to come. Here are a few steps you can take to maintain your wooden windows:

  • Just wiping the wood down with a dry cloth every couple of months to remove any dirt and dust can help to prevent mould from forming
  • If you choose to paint the wood then use UV protected paint will block sunlight to protect the wood
  • Remember to clean the windows themselves before doing the frames as dirt can run into them from the glass.

Wooden windows are well worth maintaining because, given the right care, they can outlive other materials by a significant number of years.

Composite Windows: Best of Both Worlds

If you like the idea of having wooden windows but don’t want to have to think about the maintenance required to get a lengthy life out of them then composite windows might be worth considering.

Composite windows give your home the charm of wood on the inside, thanks to a timber (softwood or hardwood) core, but have an external cladding which is normally made from aluminium. Not only do they require less maintenance, the aluminium makes these windows incredibly durable.

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