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Do You Need a Window Repair or Replacement?

Window repair or replacement

In many cases, getting a broken window repaired might feel like the right thing to do but if you look at the big picture, a replacement could be the better long-term solution.

Replacing windows comes with a number of benefits and can even help to lower your energy bills. So if you’re currently having to decide between window repair and replacement, this guide will help.

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Signs that you need a window repair or replacement

There are a number of telltale signs that it’s time to have your windows repaired or replaced. If you’re noticing any of the following, it’s time to contact a professional.

Damaged or broken
Damaged or broken windows, whether it’s the frames or the glass, should be sorted out as soon as possible. Having broken windows could not only have a negative impact on your home’s efficiency but also be dangerous.

Allowing in outside noise
The very best windows will help to prevent outside noise from making its way into the home. Replacing single glazing with double or triple glazing will add an additional layer of insulation against outdoor noises.

Water is making its way into your home
It doesn’t get much more obvious that it’s time to get a professional to take a look at your windows than if water is entering your home. Water can lead to mould and rot which can spread to the surrounding walls, causing damage to your property.

Signs of mould or rot
As we mentioned, any water around the window frames can lead to mould and even rot (timber frames). Left without any treatment this can lead to damage and the need for replacement windows.

Our guide to the Removal & Prevention of Black Mould on Windows will help to keep them mould-free.

Glass is fogging up
Windows fog up due to condensation, formed when humid indoor air that’s full of moisture hits the cold glass window. High levels of humidity can lead to mould or rotting window frames which in turn can worsen the insulation properties of the windows.

Tough to open and close
Having a hard time opening and closing your windows makes it easier for cold outdoor air to make its way in and heat to escape. This could soon lead to a rise in your energy bills so don’t put up with them.

Energy bills are on the rise
It’s worth checking over your windows every now and then to make sure they’re working as they should be. Over time windows can lose their efficiency which leads to your heating bills gradually rising.

In this case, it would be worth considering different Types of Energy Efficient Window to replace your existing ones.

The locks aren’t working
Safety has to be a high priority with all windows around your home. Fortunately, if the locks aren’t working then it should just be a case of getting them replaced rather than the entire window.

You simply don’t feel comfortable
Windows play a big part in the comfort of a room and if you aren’t as comfortable as you used to be then there’s a high chance that the windows are what’s causing it.

Window repair or replacement?

Choosing between a window repair or replacement ultimately comes down to the type of problem you’re having with them.

In some cases a repair would sort out the issue but more often than not, window replacement is the best long-term option. Windows tend to have a lifespan of up to 15 to 20 years so if you’re coming to the end of this timeline then it’s best to consider replacement, otherwise you might continue to experience problems.

Repairing windows, rather than replacing them, is usually the cheaper option and it’s often the best choice for traditional homes. Replacing the original windows of a traditional property with modern frames could lead to a loss of character – which we know is important to many homeowners.

Having said this, there are now so many options when it comes to replacement windows that you could find a style that suits the traditional look and feel of your home.

Find out 7 Ways to Tell if You Need New Windows.

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Benefits of replacement windows

Replacing the windows around your home comes with a number of benefits over having them repaired.

Thermal efficiency
Windows with single-glazing aren’t the most efficient. Adding a second or third pane of glass in the form of double or triple glazing will help to keep the heat in your home and your energy bills down as a result.

Outdoor noise
Fed up of street noise making its way into your home? Modern windows will do a much better job of keeping it out. This is another benefit of having double glazing (or triple glazing) over single glazed windows.

Reduced maintenance
New windows don’t require too much care and attention whereas an issue with your existing windows could happen time and time again.

New windows are protected by a manufacturer warranty which will see that you’re covered in the event of an issue.

Find out When to Install New Windows over having them replaced.

Is planning permission needed to replace windows?

When replacing windows planning permission isn’t normally necessary, unless you live in a listed property or conservation area. You will need to seek approval from the Building Regulations as of 2002.

How much does a window repair cost?

Depending on the problem with the window a repair could cost as much as £500 but this will vary based on the type window, the issue and rates charged by the person you hire to carry out the repairs.

Replacement window costs

The cost of replacement windows will vary depending on the frame material, style, size and choice of glazing.

uPVC has become the most popular choice for homeowners, mainly because it’s the cheapest material. While being cheap is a major benefit, it can also be a negative too as they can look cheap. More desirable window frame materials include aluminium and timber which offer a number of benefits but do come at a higher price.

Window Frame Material Potential Cost
uPVC £550 – £1,850
Aluminium £600 – £950
Timber £900 – £1,500

So, window repair or replacement?

Based on the costs involved, if your windows were installed more than 10 years ago and you’re beginning to experience problems, then a replacement is probably the best long-term option. As well as having a completely new window, it will be covered by a warranty and help to lower your energy bills – well worth the investment.

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