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Triple Glazing Benefits & Costs

triple glazed windows

Triple glazing consists of 3 panes of glass within a sealed frame; the gaps between each frame are filled with a heat insulating gas such as argon – making it harder for heat to escape. Although a standard for homes in the Scandinavian countries, where climates are harsher, triple glazing has only recently been introduced in the UK and installations are steadily rising.

Benefits of triple glazing

The energy efficiency of windows is measured with a u value and the lower this value the better. Modern triple glazing takes the u value down to around 0.8; halving the u value offered by modern double glazing which is 1.6. Triple glazing reduces the cold patches within the home offered by windows with high u value especially if the walls are well insulated.

Triple glazing offers a significant reduction in noise pollution as well as an extra layer of security to your house. Triple glazing is also less prone to condensation build up between the panes than double glazing.

The thermal efficiency of triple glazing can be good for homes which don’t receive much winter sun, or which are north facing or shaded by trees.

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Cost of triple glazing

Triple glazing is generally more expensive than double glazing – depending on the quality and style of the window. As a general rule of thumb, triple glazing window costs around 20 – 40% more than its double glazing equivalent. Extra panes, heavier frames and a trickier fitting process means the cost of triple glazing are higher, but this is unlikely to translate to 20-40% bigger savings on your energy bills if upgrading from double glazing. Triple glazing doesn’t pay for itself but neither does double glazing – it will take a long time to payback in terms of energy efficiency.

Triple glazing is a very viable option if you want to get rid of cold spots in an otherwise well heated house or you have lots of noise outside. It is an investment in terms of comfort but not financial return.

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