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Triple Glazing: Pros, Cons & Prices

triple glazed windows

Adding a second pane of glass to single glazed windows to make double glazing has proved an effective way of making homes more efficient. Could adding a third pane of glass to make triple glazing bring even more benefits?

Triple glazing has proved popular in Scandinavian countries as a way of keeping out the cold, so we’ve gone through the advantages, disadvantages and costs to see if you’re a pane of glass away from a more efficient home.

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What is Triple Glazing?

By adding a third pane of glass to double glazing, you have triple glazing. Between the 3 panes are 2 pockets of gas, which most of the time is either argon, xenon or krypton.

Triple Glazed Window Benefits

While just adding an extra pane of glass to a window might not sound like it would bring too many benefits to your home, it could actually make quite a big difference. The additional pane is said to further reduce levels of noise from the outside and increase the efficiency of your home by not allowing as much heat to escape. Here are just some of the ways your home could benefit from triple glazing:

  • Noise reduction
  • A warmer home thanks to less heat loss
  • Increased efficiency which leads to lower energy bills
  • Could help to reduce condensation
  • Harder to break, making your home more secure
  • Potential to add value to your home

Triple Glazing for Noise Reduction

If you live in an area that’s generally quite noisy then noise reduction might be a high priority when considering new windows. Two things have an impact on how much sound will make it into the home and that’s the thickness of the glass as well as the space between the panes. So, having 3 panes of glass isn’t necessarily better than 2, it’s more about the thickness but you can enjoy a quieter home thanks to your windows.

Needless to say, your windows will have to be closed for you to enjoy reduced levels of noise.

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Triple Glazing vs Double Glazing

Could one more pane of glass really make that much of a difference? Well as we’ve seen from the many benefits of triple glazing, it really could but it’s important to see how these benefits stand up against the UK’s most popular choice of window, double glazing.

Double Glazing Triple Glazing
Cheaper More energy efficient
Lighter Lower u-value
Harness more energy from the sun Stronger and more durable

So, we can see that double glazing is the cheaper and lighter option, we all know why it being cheaper is a benefit but less weight isn’t as self explanatory. Basically, a heavier window, as triple glazing is, will require a strong fitting to take the weight so that the wall doesn’t damage. This isn’t the hardest problem to solve thanks to modern fittings being extremely reliable and your installer should be able to advise.

One important thing to consider is the u-value which is used to measure the energy efficiency of windows. The lower the u-value, the better the material performs as an insulator to help keep your home nice and warm. You can see the difference between the u-value of triple and double glazing below.

Window Type Potential U-value Possible Difference in Temperature Near Window
Double Glazing 2.8 16°C
Triple Glazing 0.8 to 0.6 18°C

Disadvantages of Triple Glazing

Possibly the biggest benefit of triple glazing is that it will keep more heat in your home so that you don’t have to use the heating as much. The flipside to that is less heat from the sun will be able to make its way into your home, while double glazing is able to harness more solar energy.

We mentioned that triple glazing is heavier than double, so it’s extremely unlikely that you could use existing frames as this could lead to your property having structural problems.

Triple Glazing Price

The better efficiency, lower u-value and higher security of triple glazing all mean that you’ll have to pay more than if you were to choose double glazing. You can get an idea of how much you might have to spend in the table below.

Home Number of Windows Possible Cost (excluding installation)
Flat 4 £1,600
Semi-detached 9 £3,500
Detached 12 £4,750

These are potential prices, not including the cost of installation which will vary depending on the installer carrying out the work.

How to Find the Best Prices for Triple Glazing Installation

To give you the greatest chance of finding the best price for triple glazing installation, you should get quotes from several installers. Fill in a simple form on Windows Guide to get free quotes from up to 3 trusted installers in your area.

Could Triple Glazing Really Add Value to Your Home?

When you take into account all of the benefits that triple glazing has over double glazing, your property is likely to have added some value once it comes to selling your home. A well insulated home that has lower energy bills and as a result will appeal to any potential buyer.

Should You Install Triple Glazing?

To reap the rewards of triple glazing, you’ll first have to overcome the potential costs because it doesn’t come cheap. Having said that, the benefits once installed will be felt almost immediately: draughts will be greatly reduced, condensation will be a thing of the past, your home will be well insulated and to top it all off your energy bills will begin to drop.

The reduced energy bills mean that you could potentially start to make back those initial costs of having the windows installed but it would probably take many, many years to earn the full amount back. However, if you’re looking to increase the value of your home then triple glazing is a great way of appealing to potential buyers.

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