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Replacement Windows

replacement window being installedWindows make a big difference to the look and feel of your home so there can be many reasons why you would want to replace
them. We took a look at how often windows might need to be replaced and why you may want to do it.


When do windows need to be replaced?

There’s no specific shelf life that can be applied to windows, however different frame materials tend to have varying expected wear times. uPVC is usually the cheapest frame material available, however it also has one of the shortest life expectancies at roughly 25-30 years. Aluminium and wood tend to have more longevity, but are more expensive. Composite windows are another good option, with some manufacturers suggesting they could last for up to 40 years.


Why replace or repair windows?

There’s a number of reasons you might want to replace or repair your windows – here’s some of the most common.

Your windows are rotting

This generally affects wooden windows which can rot and deteriorate, allowing drafts and possibly even water into your home. Whilst small patches of rot may be repaired, extreme cases will often call for a window replacement. The best way to prevent future window rot is to use the appropriate primers, paints and sealants.

You can feel draughts in your home

Damaged windows can cause cold draughts to enter your home, this is often caused by frames becoming warped, damaged or loose, creating gaps that allow air through. If you think there may be gaps in your window frames you can test this using a lit incense stick. With all windows and doors closed hold the incense next to window frames, if there’s a noticeable change to the way the smoke rises you may have air leaks. Whilst sealing and weather stripping can help to temporarily fix the draughts, if the problem is recurring you may want to consider replacing the window.

Condensation inside your double glazing

If you notice condensation on the inside of your double glazed windows, this can be an indication that the air cavity inside is no longer sealed completely. The best way to remedy this is to have the unit replaced, however there are companies that offer services to try and repair the issue without replacing the window.

To make energy savings

New energy efficient windows can help to reduce your energy bills, carbon emissions and make your home more comfortable. Upgrading from single to double (or triple) glazed windows is the best way to do this and if you have windows which currently have a broken seal or gaps around the frame the difference can be even more noticeable. With new windows you will also have the option for extra energy saving features such as low emissivity film coatings.

Excessive noise

If you live in a very busy area you may find the noise carries loudly into your home. If this is a serious problem, having double or triple glazing fitted can greatly reduce the amount of noise transfer.

Selling your property

More and more people are looking for high quality double glazed windows when it comes to buying a new property. In fact recent research shows that 74% of home buyers have said that double glazing is a must have. If you have single glazed windows, it may be worth having your windows replaced for double glazed units as this could make your property more desirable to potential buyers.


New window costs

The cost of having new windows installed can vary wildly based on factors like the frame material, type of glass used and the fitter’s rate. We’ve put together a guide to double glazing costs to give a rough estimate of prices and what can affect the final costs.

Window grants and schemes

There are currently no grants or schemes in place to help homeowners replace their windows. Previously, the Green Deal provided grant-like loans for the implementation of energy improvement measures such as windows, however this scheme closed to new applicants in 2015.


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