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Replacement Windows: When to Install New Windows

London homes with sash windows

Deciding to install replacement windows around your home comes with many benefits, including reduced energy bills. So, while you might not want to think about the costs of replacing windows you will be saving money in the long run.

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This guide to replacement windows will help you find out when it’s time for replacement windows, how much they’re likely to cost and even more of the benefits.

How do I Know if I Need Replacement Windows?

A good indication of whether it’s time to consider new windows is whether you’re still under the manufacturer warranty. During this period, the manufacturer will be on hand to deal with any issues that arise with your windows – depending on their terms and conditions.

However, there are many clear indications that it’s time to replace your existing windows with modern frames – the sooner you do, the sooner you’ll feel the benefit.

  1. Installed 15-20 years ago
  2. After many years of service, windows are likely to start showing their age and the comfort of your home will suffer as a result. Replacing your old windows can help to lower your energy bills, reduce noise levels from the outside and even increase the value of your home.

    So, if the windows around your home were installed over 15 years ago then modern replacement windows that have high levels of efficiency and are more aesthetically pleasing are well worth considering.

    The exact amount of time that windows are likely to last will depend on the windows frame material, the type of weather they have to withstand and how well they’ve been maintained.

  3. Not fitted with double-glazing
  4. Homes with single-glazed windows are thought to lose 20% of heat through the windows, leading to increased energy bills. To help prevent the warmth from escaping, double-glazing should be a definite when considering replacement windows.

    If your windows were installed many years ago then they probably don’t have double glazing. Rather than one pane of glass separating your home from the outdoors, with double glazing there are two which can benefit the home in many ways:

    • Keeps the home warm during the winter
    • Cools the home in the summer
    • Helps to lower energy bills
    • Reduces amount of noise into the home

  5. Draughty around windows
  6. During the winter, the last thing you want is a draught in your home, not only because it will make you much less comfortable but also as it will mean your central heating has to work harder to keep the home warm and that will result in higher heating bills.

    So, if replacement windows costs are putting you off installing new windows, then consider that they’ll help to save you money in the long term thanks to reduced energy bills.

    Get Free Replacement Window Quotes Now:        Get quotes and compare prices.

  7. Windows aren’t opening
  8. Whether your windows aren’t opening properly or even at all, it’s time to think about replacing them. Not only is it nice to be able to open your windows during the summer to let air in, it’s an important escape route in the event of a fire.

    If your windows have uPVC frames, this is a material that can warp during the hot weather and make the windows almost impossible to open.

  9. Broken glass
  10. Replacing the glass of a window isn’t as expensive as a full window replacement but you should consider replacing damaged glass as soon as possible.

  11. Windows don’t lock
  12. A working lock on all of the windows around your home is a vital safety feature so if you can’t lock your windows, you should consider replacing them urgently. While it could be possible to have the locks repaired, without replacement windows, depending on the age of the windows, replacing them might make the most financial sense in the long term.

Replacement Window Benefits

We’ve already touched on some of the benefits of replacement windows but they’re well worth knowing as they will help to increase the comfort of your home, while reducing your energy bills.

Reduced heating bills

If your windows are allowing the heat generated by your central heating system to escape, the central heating is only going to have to work harder to heat your home – increasing your energy bills as a result.

Replacing the windows around your home is one of the most cost-effective ways to insulate your home to keep you and your family comfortable.

So, if the initial costs of replacement windows are preventing you from getting installation quotes, remember that your existing windows could be costing you money every day.

Easier maintenance

Modern windows need much less maintenance than older windows and, depending on the frame material, might just need the occasional wipe down.

When looking for replacement glass windows, it’s worth looking into self-cleaning glass for even easier maintenance.

Make your home safer

Safety is of paramount importance and replacement windows are great way to make your home safer. Not only will the new windows have working locks but fitting double-glazing, rather than single-glazing, will make the windows much more durable.

Noise reduction

If you live in a noisy area then being able to stop all that noise from coming into your home is probably high up the list of essentials when looking at replacement windows. Modern windows, fitted with double, or even triple-glazing, can make a considerable difference in making your home as peaceful as possible.

Manufacturer warranty

Installing new windows means that you’re not only enjoying all of the above benefits but you will also be covered by the manufacturer should anything go wrong. Warranty periods tend to last between 10-15 years and help to give you the peace of mind that, in the unlikely event there’s an issue with the windows, you can call on the manufacturer.

So, if your windows are no longer under a manufacturer warranty, this alone is a good enough reason to install replacement windows.

Increased house value

When you factor in all of the benefits we’ve mentioned: lower energy bills, a manufacturer warranty and increased safety, installing new windows will only make your home appeal to potential buyers.

Types of Replacement Windows

Once you’ve decided it’s time to install replacement windows, you’ll need to decide on a material for the frames.

The most popular choice are uPVC windows, mainly because of their low cost, but don’t let the higher price of composite, wood and aluminium put you off because they’re likely to last longer.


London homes with sash windows

Aluminium is an incredibly strong and durable material that can bring a modern aesthetic to your home. Some of the benefits and considerations of aluminium windows include:

Aluminium Window Benefits Aluminium Window Considerations
Security Window condensation (without a thermal break)
Help to lower your energy bills Don’t suit the aesthetics of all homes
Lengthy lifespan Can be expensive


London homes with sash windows

Composite window frames are made up of several materials to offer the benefits of both timber and aluminium, which could help your decision-making if you’re torn between them.

Composite Window Benefits Composite Window Considerations
Combines strength of timber and aluminum with simple maintenance Can have a high price tag
Can be installed for 50-60 years Depending on the manufacturer, materials used can differ so you need to do your research
High level of efficiency Might look out of place on traditional homes


wooden window

Timber is arguably the most sought after material for replacement windows thanks to its traditional charm and efficiency but all the benefits do come at a cost.

Timber Window Benefits Timber Window Considerations
Thermal efficiency Expensive material
Environmentally friendly Susceptible to rotting if poorly maintained
Incredibly strong material Can warp over time but only if they’re not maintained


London homes with sash windows

uPVC is the most common choice for windows replacement across the UK, mainly because it’s the cheapest option. However, while there are financial savings to be made, uPVC windows will need to be replaced much sooner than other materials.

uPVC Window Benefits uPVC Window Considerations
Require very little maintenance Shorter life span than aluminium, composite and timber (10-15 years)
Cheapest material available Don’t suit older, more traditional homes
Suit modern homes Manufacturing process is bad for the environment

Replacement Windows Cost

When it comes to getting an idea of how much replacement windows might end up costing, there are many factors that will have an impact: size, material and type of window.

Size of Window (mm) Timber Aluminium uPVC
600×900 £850 – £950 £550 – £600 £500 – £600

£1,200 – £1,300 £650 – £750 £750 – £850
1200×1200 £1,350 – £1,450 £750 – £850 £850 – £950

In addition to the cost of the windows themselves, you’ll also need to factor in the installation.

To help you get the best possible price for the installation, we highly recommend comparing quotes from multiple window installers. To make this easy, complete our simple online form and you’ll be contacted by 3 window installers in your local area, who will all provide free quotes for you to compare.

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