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Double Glazing – Benefits, Costs & Savings

girl and dog sat by double glazed window

Installation of double glazing can dramatically improve the energy efficiency of a home. It is widely reported that more than 20% of heat in a typical uninsulated house is lost through windows resulting in increased fuel bills as well as other unwanted side effects such as condensation and higher noise levels from outside.

Why choose double glazing?

Great insulation properties

Reduced noise from outside

Reduces damp in your home

Higher security than single glazing

Benefits of double glazing

Single glazed windows are notoriously poor at any insulation, the single glass panel transfers cold air very easily reducing the temperature inside, thus requiring a greater amount of energy to maintain a comfortable temperature.   Modern double glazed windows consists of two sheets of glass separated by a layer of air or a heavy inert gas that creates an insulating barrier reducing heat loss and outside noise. Keeping warm air in means your property is better insulated resulting in fewer draughts and cheaper energy bills.

Double glazing helps reduce damp within the home by reducing condensation, this in part is due to the fact that the internal panel of glass in a double glazed unit is at a temperature closer to that of the room and reduces the effect of internal air reaching its dew point and depositing water on the coldest object, usually the window, which is very common on single glazed units.

Double glazed windows are tougher to break than their single glazed counterparts, so they increase the security of the home and the environment outside.

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How much does double glazing cost?

The cost of having double glazing installed will vary based on a range of factors including the size, style and material of window you choose. The energy rating of the glass can also impact on costs with A-rated glass coming in 10% more expensive. You should also take into consideration fitting costs and may find that window prices can vary based on where you live with areas like London often seeing higher costs. The best way to find out what your new windows will cost is to compare quotes from multiple companies. Not only does this give you an estimate of price, but can also prevent you from paying over the odds when other fitters will carry out the work for less.

uPVC double glazing costs

The prices below are based on uPVC casement windows (including vat) from multiple UK retailers. This is supply only, and does not include the cost of fitting.

Size Price
620x1050mm £130
620x1200mm £140
915x1050mm £140
1200x1050mm £175
1200x1200mm £215
1780x1050mm £275
1780x1200mm £290

It’s important to obtain a number of no obligation quotes for a double glazing project but moreover, to look beyond the bottom line figure.  uPVC for example is generally considered to be a ‘cheap and cheerful’ solution for double glazed windows, but some uPVC windows are cheaper in construction than others. Inferior quality uPVC can also lead to distortion, leaking and discolouration in a relatively short space of time, so the cheapest solution is not, necessarily, the best.

How much can you save with double glazing?

Energy Saving trust have calculated the amount of money single-glazed homes can save each year by installing double glazing.   These savings are for typical gas heated homes in England, Scotland and wales.

Energy rating Detached Semi-detached Mid terrace Bungalow Flat
A £120-£160 £85-£110 £65-£90 £55-£75 £40-£60
B £110-£145 £75-100 £60-£80 £50-£70 £40-£55
C £110-£135 £75-£95 £60-£75 £50-£65 £40-£50

Double glazing will take a long time to pay back through energy saving benefits and should be considered a longer term investment; the installation will create a warmer, quieter environment while increasing the value and aesthetic appeal of your home.

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What can push window prices up?

It’s important to take into account that certain additional features can push up the cost of a widow installation. Opting for a basic white uPVC window will help to keep costs to a minimum if you’re on a budget, but if you are considering something beyond that, here’s some of the things that you may need to factor in.

Frame material

Price can vary dramatically between window frame materials, for example aluminium frames could be as much as twice the cost of uPVC! You may however want to weigh up the pros and cons of each material, as some may have a longer lifetime or provide additional energy saving benefits.

Window colour and effect

A coloured uPVC frame, or one with a wood grain effect added, can cost around 15-40% more than a standard white version. There should however be no additional cost for installing this type of frame instead of traditional white uPVC.

Glass efficiency

A rated windows offer a higher level of energy efficiency, however they will cost more than the standard B rated windows listed in the tables above. You also have the option of having low emissivity, or low-e for short, coatings added to your glass. Again, this will increase energy performance (by up to 40%) but it will push costs up.

Double glazing maintenance costs

Double glazing shouldn’t need a great deal of maintenance, especially at the start of its life. In the majority of cases your new windows should have a guarantee (generally 10 years) so you should be protected during this period. The main problem homeowners face with double glazed windows is fogging, when condensation occurs between the panes of glass and generally the solution to this is having the glazed part of the window replaced. If this happens outside of your guarantee period, you may need to pay for a replacement unit.

Are there any double glazing grants?

Currently there are no grants available for double glazing in the UK. Previously, homeowners could receive a grant style loan through a scheme called the Green Deal, which would cover double glazing installation, however funding was pulled from the Green Deal in 2015. Many homeowners actually opted to finance double glazing themselves whilst the Green deal was still open as they felt that it gave them a better return on investment.

Secondary glazing an alternative to double glazing?

A less costly method but still effective is what’s known as secondary glazing, this this usually consists of a frame containing a single panel of glass that is applied over the original single glazed unit, this is a lower cost method of achieving less heat loss and can be good alternative for listed buildings as no planning permission is required.

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