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What are Cottage Windows?

cottage windows and cushions

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Installing cottage windows is the ideal way to preserve the elegance of a traditional home or bring a sense of charm to a new build.

Original cottage windows were most commonly wooden and would begin to wear down over time, needing to be refurbished, but a better route could be to install new cottage windows that boast the advancements of more modern windows.

What are Cottage Windows?

Cottage windows is a fairly broad term used to describe windows that suit traditional homes but that doesn’t mean they’re restricted to older properties.

Also known as Georgian or Tudor windows, cottage windows are available in a range of materials including wood, uPVC and aluminium. They often open in the same way as many other windows, either as casement (open outwards with hinges) or sash (have a vertically sliding pane), but what tends to make them different is a series of bars that make several small squares of glass rather than one big pane.

Original installations of cottage windows would let draughts into the home and the wood could warp over time. Thanks to advances being made in the wood used to frame windows and other materials being available, you won’t have to worry about any of that nowadays.

Which Homes Suit to Cottage Windows?

As the name suggests, cottage windows are best suited to traditional cottages as they’re in keeping with the style of the home. Having said that, if you’re looking to give a modern home a more traditional elegance then cottage windows are definitely the way to go.

Benefits of Cottage Windows

Installing cottage windows is one of the best ways to maintain the traditional style of older properties. At the same time, if you live in a modern home then cottage windows are a great way of adding a sense of traditional charm to the property.

It could be easy to think that installing cottage windows with an older style might mean that you’re compensating on security and energy efficiency, but they’ve advanced over the years.

Cottage windows feature horizontal and vertical strips across the glass which can make them more secure than other types of windows.

Energy efficiency

You can get all of the visual charm and elegance of traditional cottage windows with all of the benefits of modern windows, with energy efficiency being one of them. Thanks to double glazing, your home will benefit from increased insulation.

Get Free Double Glazing Window Quotes Now:        Get quotes and compare prices.


Take your pick of several different materials, colours and styles with uPVC, wooden and metal windows all available and able to offer different benefits. Once you’ve selected the material, in many cases you’ll also be able to find the colour that best suits your home.

Types of Cottage Windows

Casement windows

Casement windows are able to fit into the vast majority of spaces, no matter the height and width. Attached to the frame by a hinge or two, they open outwards to allow air in and are fully sealed when closed.

A common feature for cottage casements is a Georgian bar which runs through the glass to give an effect of there being several panes.

Sash windows

A sash window has at least one moveable panels or sashes, which work as a frame to hold panes of glass. So, in many cases, to open the window you would lift the lower pane upwards so that it overlaps with the upper panel.

Cost of Cottage Windows

If you’re looking to restore old cottage windows then this could come with a considerable cost. When having new windows installed, the cost will vary depending on the size, material and number of windows being fitted.

Aluminium Casement Windows

Size Potential Cost
600 x 900 £500 – £700
900 x 1200 £650 – £800
1200 x 1200 £750 – £1,000

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uPVC Casement Windows

Size Potential Cost
1,000 x 5000 £200 – £400
1,000 x 1,0000 £300 – £700
1,200 x 1,2000 £350 – £925

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Wooden Casement Windows

Size Potential Cost
600 x 9000 £600 – £1,000
300 x 1,2000 £1,250 – £1,500
1,200 x 1,2000 £1,300 – £1,500

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Sash Window Costs

Material Potential Cost
Aluminium £1,000 – £1,500
uPVC £600 – £1,100
Wooden £1,000 – £2,000

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The possible costs don’t always take into account the cost of installation, which will vary depending on the installer carrying out the work. Ensure you get more than one quote so that you can compare prices and find the best deal for your home.

Installing Cottage Windows

If you live in a period home or cottage then you might want to preserve the charm of the property with cottage windows. In the case that your current windows are letting in a draught, or have just worn over time, then installing new windows might be a better idea than refurbishing as they feature double glazing as well as better insulation. Don’t be fooled by the name, cottage windows aren’t limited to period homes, so if you live in a modern home and are looking to give it a traditional feel, cottage windows are for you.

Whether you’d like to install some brand new cottage windows or refurbish old ones, fill in one of our simple forms today to get free, no obligation quotes from up to 3 qualified installers in your area.

Get Free Double Glazing Window Quotes Now:        Get quotes and compare prices.

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