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The Complete Guide to Coloured uPVC Windows

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Replacing windows in your home can not only improve your home’s insulation levels and energy efficiency, it can also transform the look of your home. When replacing windows you will have a choice of materials including uPVC, aluminium, timber and composite, but did you know that many suppliers can also offer coloured window frames?

Coloured uPVC windows are the most popular which is why we’ve put together this guide to help you make the right choice for your home.

How to choose your coloured uPVC windows

For many people, finding out that they can personalise the colour of their windows frames is a double-edged sword. Yes, it gives plenty of room for creativity, but it also means making the difficult decision: which colour to choose! Some people are looking for a subtle shade which will complement the existing architecture and stay in-keeping with surrounding home, while other people prefer to make a bit more of a statement.

While coloured window frames are a great way to express your personality and give your home a unique sense of style, it’s worth thinking about the future. Should you come to sell your property in the future, certain colours may make your property less appealing to the masses while neutral shades could be a safer option.

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RAL Colour Chart for uPVC Windows

The European colour chart for varnish, powder coating and plastics predominantly used in architecture, construction, industry and road safety is called the RAL chart. When you place your order for coloured uPVC window frames it is highly likely it will be one of the shades on this chart, although your choice may be limited depending on which supplier you use.

Here we have included some examples of popular colours so you can see the variety available to you, or you can take a look at the full RAL colour chart for windows.

Bright coloured windows

If you’re going to buy coloured uPVC windows, why not go for it? The front of your home is what people see as they pass by and using a bright colour for your window frames can really bring a home to life.

Colour RAL Chart Examples
Pink 4003 Heather Violet 3017 Rose
Red 3020 traffic red 3026 Luminous bright red
Yellow 1018 Zinc yellow 1023 traffic yellow
Blue 5005 Signal blue 5015 Sky blue
Green 6010 Grass green 6001 Emerald green
Purple 4005 Blue lilac 4006 Traffic violet
Orange 2000 Yellow orange 2011 Bright red orange

Neutral coloured windows

Lots of people prefer a more low-key approach to their home aesthetics and will stick neutral and classic shades. This is a particularly savvy approach if you are planning to sell your home in the future as it may make it more appealing to potential buyers. Barbie pink windows might be fantastic for you, but could well be someone else’s worst nightmare.

Colour RAL Chart Examples
Grey 7032 Pebble grey 7000 Squirrel grey
Cream/White 1013 Oyster white 1015 Light ivory
Green 6021 Pale green 6011 Reseda green
Beige 1001 Beige 7006 Beige grey

Dark coloured windows

Dark and rich colours are a popular choice for many homeowners, particularly if they are going for a traditional look.

Colour RAL Chart Examples
Black 9005 Jet Black 9004 Signal Black
Navy 5013 Cobalt blue 5011 Steel blue
Grey 7031 Blue grey 7016 Anthracite grey
Green 6036 Pearl opal green 6020 Chrome green
Brown 8017 Chocolate brown 6022 Brown olive

Pastel coloured windows

Pastel coloured windows are ideal in both contemporary and vintage style homes and can create a real picture-postcard finish which will be the envy of your neighbours.

Colour RAL Chart Examples
Pink 3015 Light pink
Blue 5024 Light blue
Green 6019 Pastel green
Purple 4009 Pastel violet

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Want matching coloured uPVC doors?

It’s worth knowing that you can buy both coloured uPVC doors and windows, so if you’re also replacing your front or back door you might want to choose matching colours, or even different colours which complement each other.

Other Coloured Window Materials to Consider

Coloured uPVC windows are not the only option of course, so if you’ve got your heart set on another material for your frames you should be able to adjust the colour in a very similar way. Some suppliers can even provide a colour match service so you can get the perfect shade for your home, but each supplier will have a different range.

Coloured timber windows

Timber window frames can be painted in any colour you like and, if you want to retain the natural grain of the wood you could use stains or tinted varnishes. This paintwork or varnishing may need to updated over time to keep it looking fresh. Check out our section on timber windows.

Coloured aluminium windows

A powder coating can be used to colour aluminium windows which gives a durable finish and means you can often choose from the full RAL colour chart. Check out our aluminium windows section.

Coloured composite windows

Composite windows can be more limited in terms of the colour range on offer but if you find the right manufacturer they will be able to work with you to create a colour which suits your home. Find out more about composite windows.

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