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Aluminium Windows: Prices & Installation Costs

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Aluminium windows are durable, stylish, and can be a very long term investment for your home, so it’s no surprise that they’re one of the most popular types of windows installed in the UK.

To find out if they’re the right choice for your home, take a look through the pros, cons, average prices, and running costs to see if aluminium is more suited to your home than other window frame materials.

Why install aluminium windows?

Aluminum windows are often seen as large floor to ceiling windows in dream houses, offering up a panoramic view of beautiful scenery. When seen like this, they can appear almost too delicate but the fact is that you’d struggle find a stronger, more durable and longer lasting material for your windows than aluminium.

There are also many different styles of aluminium windows from casement to sash so you don’t have to live opposite some of the UK’s most glorious scenery to reap the rewards they offer.

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Aluminium windows: the pros

There are many benefits that aluminium windows can bring to your home during their lengthy lifetime.

Long life

You’ll be able to enjoy your aluminium windows for not only years but decades to come as their incredibly resistant to the elements.

Little framework

If you’re looking to let as much light into your home as possible or simply want to enjoy the view then aluminium windows require very little framework around the edge of the glass. This is opposed to the bulky frames of other types of windows frames, such as uPVC.

Flexible design

Aluminium can be easily shaped so your design possibilities are almost endless and thanks to its strength they can support large panes of glass.

Easy to clean

To keep your aluminium windows looking brand new, they’ll just need a little wipe every now and then.

High level of security

Aluminium is an incredibly strong and durable material which will help to make you feel safe in your home.

Lower energy bills

When used to support a larger piece of glass, aluminium window frames help to improve the insulation of your home because glass is a very effective insulator. Aluminium windows also come fitted with a thermal break that reduces or prevents thermal energy flowing from one conductive material to another. So turn your heating down and energy lower energy bills.

Environmentally friendly

Being able to keep heat in your home, lowering your need to rely on the heating, is just one way that aluminium windows are kind on the environment. They’re also a sustainable material that can be recycled, leaving a very small carbon footprint.

Security and Installation

Aluminium is one of the most secure materials you can have installed thanks to being incredibly strong and durable. To ensure the highest levels of security, the installation is key and needs to be carried out by a professional.

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Aluminium windows: the cons

The biggest concern for most homeowners when it comes to aluminium windows is the cost, especially when compared to other materials such as uPVC and wood. Once installed though, you will have some modern, durable and long lasting windows but there are still a couple of things to bear in mind:


This comes down to the type of home you have and, ultimately, personal taste but some homeowners tend to prefer the appearance of wooden windows.


As an effective conductor of heat, aluminium frames are susceptible to condensation forming. This disadvantage of aluminium windows can be resolved with thermal breaks but only if they’re installed properly.

Styles of Aluminium Window

When you’ve decided that aluminium is the right material for your windows, there are many types of windows to consider.

  • Casement aluminium windows are attached to the frame by hinges at the side and open outwards.
  • Tilt and Turn aluminium windows open inwardly either from the top downwards or from the side.
  • Sash aluminium windows are made up of at least one moveable part that slides parallel to a stationary part.
  • Flush casement aluminium windows combine the traditional look of a window with the sleek, modern style of aluminium then flush casement windows are for your home. You’ll have aluminium windows on the outdoors but the warm, homely feel of timber indoors.
  • Fixed panoramic aluminium windows are ideal if you have your very own ‘grand design’ project underway as they turn your wall into a panoramic view of the world ouide with floor to ceiling panes of glass.
  • Parallel opening aluminium windows open outwards to increase the ventilation of a room but prevent a draught. Once open, they sit parallel to the frame, looking as if they’re sticking out from the wall.
  • Aluminium Windows: Prices and Installation Costs

    Aluminium window prices will vary depending on the size and type of window you have installed, and the installation cost will also vary as different window companies will charge differently for their labour. Below are the potential cost of installing aluminium windows, with prices differing depending on the style and size.

    Casement aluminium windows

    Size (cm) Potential Price
    60 x 90 £500 – £700
    90 x 120 £650 – £800
    120 x 120 £750 – £975

    Sash aluminium windows

    Size (cm) Potential Price
    60 x 90 £1,000 – £2,010
    90 x 120 £1,250 – £2,500
    120 x 120 £1,500 – £3,000

    Tilt and turn aluminium windows

    Size (cm) Potential Price
    60 x 90 £800 – £1,250
    90 x 120 £1,000 – £1,750
    120 x 120 £1,250 – £2,000

    Please note that these costs don’t include the installation which will vary depending on the installer carrying out the work. To get the best deal, we highly recommend getting quotes from at least 3 different installers to give you the greatest chance of finding the right deal for you.

    Are aluminium windows better than uPVC?

    When choosing the material for your window frames, your decision might ultimately come down to aluminium or uPVC. Both are highly durable, easily maintained and will last for a long time but there are some differences such as:

    • Aluminium will last longer
    • uPVC is the cheaper option
    • uPVC will keep out more noise

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