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Aluminium Windows Prices & Benefits

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Aluminium windows are strong, durable and compared to timber framed windows are highly resistant to the elements.

They offer high thermal efficiency and are aesthetically more appealing than uPVC with slim-lines, more glass and less frame.

Aluminium windows are built to last for decades rather than years and are environmentally friendly, highly sustainable and endlessly recyclable.

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Benefits of aluminium Windows

Newly manufactured frames are strong and provide more options than any other type of frame. You will have little to no maintenance and they are sleek, easy to clean and economical. Modern aluminium frames are painted in a polyester powder coat paint, providing a tough and resilient finish which can be coloured in any of over 200 different RAL colours and will not flake or fade over time.

Aluminium windows also offer a higher level of security than timber-framed windows and some argue that installing aluminium windows is actually a bigger deterrent than uPVC windows.

Types of aluminium windows

Aluminium windows are lightweight, sturdy and durable but uncommonly thin and sleek. Their appearance works well with modern contemporary homes .

Aluminium frame windows firms stock a wide range of choices, from casement to sliding aluminium windows. With different styling options, you will have a choice to make, which may be restricted by the period of the property. However, most homeowners have an idea of what style they want and with aluminium frame window firms stocking a wide range of choices; consumers should be able to find exactly what they are looking for.

How much do aluminium windows cost?

Aluminium windows prices should be no more than 50% to 65% more than uPVC. This is the cost differential cited by many experienced professional window companies that sell aluminium windows as part of their product range and not as a premium product.

Many companies offering package deals combine the supply and installation of aluminium window frames, and you are likely to get a better deal by buying the windows from the same firm that installs them for you.

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