How Much do Bifold Doors Cost?

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Bifold door costs begin at a little over £1,000 and can end up being much more than this depending on the size, material and number of panels.

As well as the price of the bifold doors themselves, you'll also need to consider the installation costs. This guide to bifold door costs will take you through the potential costs for your home and advise on the materials you might want to consider.

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What are bifold doors?

Bifold doors are made up of 2-7 panels that fold into each other when opened to create a spacious walkthrough to a garden or another room.

How much do bifold doors cost?

The main factors that will influence the price of bifold doors is the material and the number of panels. The tables below show the potential costs (before installation) of bifold doors with 3 and 4 panels depending on the material used.

Bifold doors with 3 panels

Material Potential Cost
Aluminium £1,700 - £2,300
Timber £1,400 - £1,750
uPVC £1,200 - £2,000

Bifold doors with 4 panels

Material Potential Cost
Aluminium £2,150 - £2,750
Timber £2,250 - £2,750
uPVC £1,500 - £2,300

Bifold doors with 5 panels

Material Potential Cost
Aluminium £4,000 - £5,500
Timber £3,150 – £5,500
uPVC £2,500 - £4,250

It's important to remember to factor in the installation costs too when working out the total price. The simplest way to get the best possible price for installation is by comparing multiple quotes from different installers.

What can affect the cost of bifold doors?

Bifold door costs vary depending on a number of factors, including:

  • Number of panels
  • Size of the bifold doors
  • Internal or external installation
  • Material (uPVC is the cheapest material while aluminium and timber are often more expensive)
  • Type of glass
  • Upgrading the locking mechanisms

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Bifold door materials

When it comes to choosing the right bifold doors for your home, you'll have the choice between several materials for the frame. Each comes with its own pros and cons and will ultimately influence the final cost of the bifold doors.


uPVC is the cheapest material and, as a result, the most popular material used for windows in the UK. It's widely recognised as the white plastic-looking material – common on new build homes – but is available in a variety of styles and can even resemble the woodgrain of timber.


Arguably the most modern, sophisticated and stylish option when it comes to choosing a material for bifold doors is aluminium. Even better, they don't need much maintenance at all, a wipe every now and then is enough to do the job.


For the traditional look, timber is your best option. This is a naturally beautiful material that fits perfectly with period properties. However, compared to uPCV and aluminium, timber requires much more maintenance.


Struggling to decide between aluminium and timber? Composite offers the best of both worlds by bonding together the materials. Combining the benefits of these two materials makes composite a long-lasting, strong and durable material.

Bifold door styles

When looking into bifold doors you'll notice they're given 3 numbers that look something like a football formation, for example 5-4-1. These numbers are very important to understanding how the doors work.

Each of these numbers gives you a different bit of information about the bifold doors. The first number is the total number of doors, while the middle number tells you how many of those panels open to the left and the final number is how many open to the right. So in the case of 5-4-1, there are 5 panels with 4 opening to the left and 1 to the right.

Bifold doors are commonly seen in a single straight line along the back of the house but it's also possible to have them wrap around a corner.

Bifold doors vs sliding doors

When looking to install doors leading out to the garden, bifold doors often come up against sliding doors. The key difference here is that while bifold doors slide along to the end of the opening and fold into each other – maximising the space – one side of the sliding doors remains stationary, meaning that you only have half the amount of space to pass through.

As well as offering less space to pass through, sliding doors often come with a similar or higher price tag – especially if you're considering aluminium frames.

How much do bifold doors cost to install?

There isn't an across the board price for bifold door installation, instead costs will differ depending on a number of factors, including:

  • Whether there's an existing opening that's suitable for bifold doors
  • Number of panels
  • Bifold door material
  • Whereabouts in the UK you are (installer rates can differ from place to place)
  • The installer you hire

Ultimately, the final price will come down to the installer you hire as each will have their own rates. For this reason, we highly recommend getting multiple quotes so that you can be confident that you're not being overcharged.

The simplest of installations, where there's an existing opening in the wall, could cost between £150 – £500 for the labour and take up to a day and a half. Any installation more complicated and time consuming will see the labour go above £500.

Free bifold door installation quotes

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Comparing multiple quotes makes it much more likely that you'll be getting the best deal from the most suitable installer.

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