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The government has announced that the Green Homes Grant scheme will be closing to new applications.

Only 6 months after its launch and 12 months prior to the previously announced end date, the scheme will be coming to an end.

Final applications must be made before 5pm on Wednesday 31st March 2021. Applications made before this date will still be processed and anyone yet to redeem an approved voucher can apply for an extension to its expiry date.

The scheme was launched in September 2021 to much fanfare as the first real push to improve the efficiency of UK homes as the government strives to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Unfortunately, the scheme came nowhere close to reaching its target of improving the efficiency of 600,000 homes despite plenty of interest from homeowners.

Through the scheme, homeowners could apply for a voucher of up to £5,000 (£10,000 for eligible low income households) to put towards the installation of a renewable heating system or insulation. Once this 'primary measure' had been completed, then the homeowner could apply for a 'secondary grant' of the same value to improve the efficiency of their windows and doors.

This approach made the 'quick wins', such as fitting double glazing or draught-proofing, out of reach for homes who weren't looking to install a low-carbon heating system or insulation.

Will the Green Homes Grant scheme be replaced?

Following the closure of the Green Homes Grant scheme, an additional £300 million worth of funding will be made available to a Local Authority Delivery scheme. This scheme is run by local councils and is designed to cover the costs of energy efficient improvements for low-income households.

Speaking about the new scheme, Business and Energy Secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng, said: "Upgrading the country's homes with energy efficiency measures means we can cut emissions and save people money on their energy bills.

"Today's funding boost will mean even more households across England are able to access these vital grants through their local authority."

More information on the Local Authority Delivery scheme will be made available later in the year.

What went wrong for the Green Homes Grant scheme?

Upon its launch in September 2021, it was announced by the government that the Green Homes Grant initiative would help to improve the efficiency of 600,000 homes. 6 months later and only around 6,000 households have successfully had work completed.

To apply for a grant, homeowners needed to get a quote from a tradesperson registered with the scheme. Unfortunately, it's proved challenging for installers to register which has led to a shortage of professionals who can provide quotes and later complete the work. At the end of January 2021, only 929 installers were part of the scheme across the whole of the UK which highlights the problem.

Rather than amending the scheme to make it easier for homeowners and installers alike, the decision has been made to scrap it altogether.

If you're still looking to improve the efficiency of your windows, take a look at the Double Glazing Grants currently available.

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