French Doors vs Sliding Doors

Patio doors are a great way to open up the back of your home and make the most of your garden.

When it comes to finding the perfect type of patio doors, there are many to choose from. Two of the most popular options are French doors and sliding doors and in this article we compare the pros, cons and prices to help you find the perfect patio doors.

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What are French Doors?

Two identical doors side-by-side that open outwards are known as French doors. By opening out into the garden, they create a spacious path from the inside out – particularly beneficial to homes with small gardens where space is at a premium.

What are Sliding Doors?

Sliding doors are made up of a stationary side and a moveable side. When opened, the moveable side slides parallel to the stationary panel, overlapping it to create a walkthrough on one side.

Benefits of French Doors & Sliding Doors

There are many benefits to having either French or sliding doors installed but they're often very different.

The benefits of French doors include:

  • Can be opened and closed quicker than a sliding door
  • Highly secure
  • Excellent thermal efficiency – will keep the heat in
  • Allow more cool air in than sliding doors as the entire area can be opened up
  • Perfect aesthetics for traditional homes

Benefits of sliding doors:

  • Can be opened easily
  • Large panes of glass allow plenty of light into the home
  • Adjust how much you would like the door to be open
  • As they don't swing, you'll be saving space when they're open
  • Modern sliding doors are extremely secure
  • Thinner frames than French doors
  • Modern look

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Are Sliding Doors or French Doors More Efficient?

You should always consider efficiency when having and doors or windows installed and the type of patio doors you have installed will play a big part in how much heat is kept in your home.

As sliding doors are mostly made up of glass (which isn't a very good insulator) they don't tend to be as effective as French doors when it comes to keeping the heat in. However, sliding doors are more likely to prevent drafts thanks to a tighter seal and double or triple glazing are both options that will help to increase the efficiency of the glass.

So there are ways to increase the efficiency of sliding doors but as double or triple glazing can be used for French doors too, they're still the more efficient option.

French Doors vs Sliding Doors: Price

There are many variables that go into the price of patio doors, including:

  • Frame material
  • Glass type
  • Style
  • Size
  • Any additional features (locks etc.)

There isn't too much between these types of patio doors but French doors tend to be on the more expensive side.

Type of Patio Door Potential Cost
French doors £725 – £2,000
Sliding doors £700 – £1,500

More Patio Door Options

If French or sliding doors aren't for your home then there is a third option for your new patio doors: bifold doors.

Bifold doors are more modern than French and sliding doors, featuring several panels that are designed to fold into each other when opened. Typically, they include 2-7 panels and create a generous space between the inside and outside.

Like other patio door types, bifold door frames are available in aluminium, timber and uPVC with the price varying depending on the chosen material as well as the size and number of panels.

Bifold Door Materials Potential Cost
Aluminium £1,700 – £2,300
Timber £1,400 – £1,750
uPVC £1,200 – £2,000

Patio door installation

As well as the price of your new patio doors, you will also need to consider the cost of installation and we can help you find the most competitive quote.

We can match you with up to 3 door installers based in your local area who will each provide a free no-obligation quote for the installation. By comparing multiple quotes you'll have a greater chance of saving money than if you were to only get a single quote.

To get your hands on free quotes for a patio door installation, take a few moments to complete our simple online form and we'll be in touch.

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