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Door Security Systems and Locks

locks on door

Security should be a top priority when it comes to installing a new door – it is after all the main entry way into your home. We took a look at the kind of locking systems and features you should consider for your door, along with some additional measure you can employ to keep your property safe and sound.

Door security locks

Installing locks is the best place to start when it comes to door security. BBC’s Crimewatch suggests that if your door is over 44mm you could fit a five lever mortice deadlock. For a back door they recommend a 5 lever 2 bolt sash lock halfway up the door which you could also supplement with mortice rack bolts at the top and bottom of the door. You should ensure that in both cases they are British Standard 3621 or European Standard EN12209.

Door glass

If you want to have glass panels featured in your door you may want to consider the level of security offered by the glass you choose. Toughened glass or laminated glass may provide additional security if you do opt for glass panels, your installer should be able to tell you more about the options they have available.

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Letter boxes

A letter box can be seen as a weak point by intruders as a way to try and reach keys, wallets or other objects near the door. The other opportunity they present to intruders is to allow them to insert their hand and feel around for a way to unlock the door from within. For this reason you should always ensure your letterbox is positioned at least 40cm from the lock. You may also want to consider fitting a cover plate to help reduce the risk further.

Security for French, sliding and bi-fold doors

There are security measures you can take which are unique to certain door types. For sliding or bi-fold doors you should invest in multi-locking system and anti-lift devices to stop intruders lifting the doors from their rails. French doors are also an easy target for criminals and should have extra safety precautions put in place – this can include mortice rack bolts, mortice sash locks and hinge bolts if the doors open outwards.

Additional internal door security measures

For extra peace of mind there are other measures you can take to improve the security of your door.

Door peep-hole

A peep hole, also referred to as a spy hole, is a good way to check who is calling at your home before deciding if you want to open the door to them. They are often inexpensive and fairly easy to fit to most kinds of door.

Door chain or limiter

Adding a door chain can help to increase your safety and peace of mind when answering your door. If you don’t know who the caller is, you can slide the chain into place and this will help to prevent an intruder from forcing entry.

Never leave keys in obvious places

If you ever leave a spare key under a doormat or plant pot, you might be putting your home’s safety at risk as these are the first locations a thief may think to look. You should also avoid leaving a key anywhere too near to a door, especially one with a letterbox or glass panels. If there is a letterbox with no plate present, a thief may try to reach inside and grab your keys.

Alarm Systems

An alarm system can help to deter thieves, notify your neighbourhood if anyone does try to break in and give you more peace of mind over your home’s security. There are a range of style available from large systems that cover your whole home, to cheaper and smaller door handle alarms. If you do choose to install one, you can also display stickers in your doors or windows, letting thieves know that the property is alarmed.

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