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How to secure your front and back doors

couple near front door

A front or back door not only makes a big difference to the way your home looks but will also impact its energy efficiency and security.

This makes the task of choosing a new front or back door a tricky one, so we’ve put together a handy guide for the things you might want to consider.

Front and back door prices

A front or back door will likely cost more than an internal door, due to a need for it to be more secure, durable and energy efficient.

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The price will vary massively depending on the material you choose, as well as the style. You will also need to consider the cost of any additional features such as colouring, hardware and glass panes.

Front and back door security

Security for front doors generally get the most attention, but back doors is often where someone will try and break in. The biggest concern for most homeowners when it comes to choosing a front or back door is security. The material you choose for your door will have an impact on this, with aluminium and composite often identified as the most secure options. You will also want to ensure that your doors are secure with a good locking system and additional features such as a viewer and door chain. Learn more about securing your doors from break-ins and intruders

Energy efficiency of a door

Whilst the walls and roof are primary suspects for heat loss in the home, your door can also contribute. Making sure you have a well fitted door made from a material with good insulation properties is key to keeping warm air in your home and draughts out. Composite and uPVC are known for their energy efficiency but in recent years aluminium has increased in efficiency also.

How long does it take to install a door?

The time it takes to install a front or back door can vary depending on the kind of door you want and the surrounding frame and floor. Usually an installation will take less than a day, often being completed within a few hours. If you require any paint work done to your door, you should check beforehand if this is something your installer can do as in many cases you may need to hire a painter separately.

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