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French Doors Prices and Benefits

A picture of french patio doorsBoth interior and external french doors have a timeless aesthetic appeal which looks great with both period and modern properties. There are plenty of styles to choose from including simple double doors to designs featuring glass side panels and ornate detail.

Characteristics of French doors

French doors are hinged doors which often come in pairs and swing outwards (unless designed otherwise).

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Due to the fact that they swing outwards it’s important to measure the space you have available before purchasing French doors.

Often they will feature multiple small windows from top to bottom which will bring a great deal of natural light and a feel of openness to a room. French doors can be manufactured in a range of materials including timber, uPVC and aluminium, meaning they can come in a range of stains and colours.

Benefits of French doors

French doors allow you to open up your home, helping to keep it cool in the summer months and reducing the need to use fans and air conditioning units which can be costly. Of all the styles of external door, French doors can look the most traditional and elegant – making them perfect for a period property. If you have a more modern aesthetic in mind there are designs and materials that will let you achieve this look too.

French doors fitted prices

This will vary based on the material, size and style of French doors that you choose – including if you opt for glass side panels. You should also consider any extras that may add to the cost including decorative glass and accessories such as handles. Let’s do DIY suggests that French doors with installation would cost in the region of £1000 – £3500 and many installers suggest prices of £1000 upwards for a high quality set of doors.

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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to install a door?

Door installation time can vary but is usually completed within 1 day. It may take longer depending on factors like the condition of the area surrounding the door and the style of door you choose. For example an aluminium bi-fold door may take longer to install than a standard single uPVC front door.

What materials can doors be made from?

The most common door materials in the UK are uPVC, timber, aluminium and composite. Visit our individual material pages to see the features, benefits and costs of each to find the perfect door for your home’s needs and budget.