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What are the best front door colours?

coloured doors in street

One of the best aspects of creating your dream door is picking out the colour. From natural wood varnish to bright and bold paint colours there are plenty of options available across the different door materials.

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So you’re looking at some front door ideas, and you’re wondering what colour you should go for. Well this is entirely up to you of course. You should be able to find plenty of colours on offer that suit your home’s style and personality. If you are likely going to sell your property in the near future you might want to consider the kind of colours preferred by buyers and take a look at the colours used on properties in your neighbourhood.

Can certain door materials have colour restrictions?

The majority of door materials can be coloured, with many manufacturers even able to provide you with an exact colour match! We recommend asking your installer what the colour options are for the door you want installed as individual manufacturers may have different colour selections and processes.

How about timber doors?

The great thing about wooden door frames is that you can paint them whatever colour you like and can also rely on the natural beauty of the wood itself. If you do decide you want a natural finish you may want to spend some time looking at the types of timber on offer and how they look enhanced with stains and varnishes. A wooden door should be durable throughout its life however you may want to refresh the paintwork at some point. This can be done at home using the appropriate paints, stains and varnishes. Check out our section on timber doors


Aluminium doors are often coloured using a powder coating which is then baked on to provide a long lasting result. The colours you can choose come from the RAL selection, which has over 200 colours to choose from. Check out our aluminium doors section


Whilst composite door colour ranges can sometimes be a little more limited than other materials there are still plenty of options to choose from. In fact some manufacturers are able to colour match a composite door to something from the RAL chart. Generally it’s not advised to try and paint your composite door yourself, instead it may be better to consider the colour you want it to be manufactured in as it should wear well and remain looking vibrant over the years to come.Find out more about composite doors


Many people have the impression that uPVC only comes in black, white or dark brown but this is no longer the case. If you want the benefits of a uPVC door but like the look of timber, you can opt to have woodgrain or coloured laminate foils on your new door to get the desired effect. Whilst most homeowners don’t choose to paint a uPVC door (as they shouldn’t need to be painted during their lifetime) with the correct sanding, primer and paint this can be done but may ruin the uPVC underneath. Check out our full section on uPVC doors

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