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Bifold Doors Prices and Benefits

modern bifold doors

Bifold doors are a popular choice for homeowners looking to create more space and allow more natural light into their home.

Made up of several panes that stack together as they’re opened, bifold doors give you the freedom to enjoy more space around the home as well as letting in more natural light. They’re often seen at the back of a property, leading out into a garden, blurring the boundaries between inside and outside, but can also be installed internally to open up the space between rooms.

Our guide to bifold doors will take you through the pros, cons and costs to help you find out if they’re the right choice for your home.

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What are Bifold Doors?

Bifold doors (bi-folding or room dividers) slide open, with the panes folding up as they do. This creates a wide open space, turning 2 internal rooms into 1 large room, or allowing the outdoors in by opening up the back of the property.

They also feature a ‘traffic door’ which works as a conventional door so that you can pass through without having to slide all the panes to one side, giving flexibility as to how you use them.

They’re often largely made up of glass, within uPVC, aluminium or wooden frames and can be installed externally or internally.

Bifold Doors: Benefits

From being able to open up your home to offering high levels of security, there are many benefits you can enjoy by installing bifold doors.


Slide the panels of an external bifold door to one side and you’ve created a large opening at the back of your home which you can seamlessly pass through to the garden on a warm summer day. This is a luxury you can only experience with bifold doors, you can’t get the same with sliding patio or french doors as they don’t open up the entire space they’ve been fitted into.

Internal bifold doors allow you to turn 2 rooms into 1 large open space, ideal for hosting guests.

Natural light

Whether opened up or closed, bifold doors will allow much more sunlight into your home, helping to make rooms feel much more welcoming.


By featuring highly secure hinges and multi-point locking systems, while other doors might just have the one, bifold doors boast high levels of security to help keep your home safe.


This benefit ultimately comes down to personal taste but bifold doors offer an element of luxury that you won’t find with many other types of door. Plus, with a range of styles and colours available, you’ll be able to find the perfect bifold doors for your home.

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Bifold Door Materials

There are 3 different materials to choose from when looking at bifold doors: aluminium, timber and uPVC. Each material has its own pros and cons so it’s important to consider each, find out which is the right material for your home below.


Aluminium is arguably the most modern and stylish option. The frames are very slim but this doesn’t mean that they aren’t secure, in fact, aluminium is incredibly strong and much less susceptible to warping than timber frames. They also only require little maintenance to maintain their contemporary appearance.

Aluminium bifold doors tend to be most expensive choice but when you consider that this will be a long term investment, thanks to their lengthy lifetime, you’ll be able to enjoy them for many years to come.


The perfect choice if you’re looking for a traditional and naturally beautiful set of bifold doors. The fact that you can get uPVC that looks like wood shows just how nice wooden bifold doors can look around the home.

While there’s no denying their beauty, timber does require more maintenance than both uPVC and aluminium.


Typically the cheapest material, uPVC requires little maintenance and can be kept clean with a simple wipe down every now and then. uPVC is often visualised as a white material, but a wide range of colours and styles are now available, you can even get a wooden-look finish.

However, while uPVC is low maintenance and is unlikely to set you back as much as timber or aluminium, its lifetime is nowhere near as long. They’ll typically last for around 10 years before they start showing their age but their durability will ultimately depend on the quality of the uPVC.

Bifold Door Styles

Depending on the space that your bifold doors are being installed into, you’ll require more panels. Bifold doors are given 3 numbers that look a lot like football formations (5-4-1, 5-3-2) but rather than having 5 defenders lined up between the back of your house and the garden, you’ll actually have 5 panels.

The first digit is the total number of panels, the second is how many open to the left and the final digit shows how many panels open to the right. So a 5-4-1 has 5 panels, 4 opening to the left and 1 to the right.

Bifold doors don’t even have to be installed in one straight line across the back of the house, depending on your property the panels can meet in a corner.

Bifold Door Prices

The potential cost of bifold doors will vary depending on the material and number of panels required. To give you an idea of how much you might need to budget, we’ve highlighted the potential costs of bifold doors with 3 and 4 panels in the tables below.

3 Panel Bifold Doors

Material Potential Cost
Aluminium £1,700 – £2,300
Timber £1,400 – £1,750
uPVC £1,200 – £2,000

4 Panel Bifold Doors

Material Potential Cost
Aluminium £2,150 – £2,750
Timber £2,250 – £2,750
uPVC £1,500 – £2,300

These potential costs don’t include the cost of installation which will vary depending on the installer carrying out the work. For this reason, it’s important to compare quotes to find the best deal.

By completing one of our simple online forms, you’ll be contacted by up to 3 trusted installers in your area who will all provide quotes. It’s a completely free service and, best of all, there’s no obligation to choose any of the installers that get in touch.

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What Can Affect the Price of Bifold Doors?

As you can see from the table above, there’s a wide range between the potential prices and this is because there are a few things that can affect the total cost.


Bifold doors come in a variety of sizes, with the larger doors often costing more than the smaller ones as they’ll have more foldable panels. Should you want bespoke doors, made specifically for your home, then these will inevitably cost more.

Energy Efficiency

A more efficient door will have a higher price tag. You can tell just how efficient a glass door is by the window energy rating (A++ down to G) and the u-value, which measures the speed at which heat passes through the glass.


To help make your home more efficient, the bifold doors should be double glazed but you’ll also have the option of triple glazing which will be more expensive. As well as how many panes of glass you can choose between, there are different types too:

  • Low emissivity (low-e glass) – Designed to keep heat in your home.
  • Solar control – Enjoy the light of the sun without so much of the heat.
  • Self-cleaning – A thin layer of titanium dioxide helps to break up any dirt on the windows to be washed away when it rains.

You can even choose between different colours, patterns and frostings if you don’t want the conventional clear glass, but this will add to the cost.


As with anything, it’s important to consider the potential downsides as well as the benefits to ensure they’re definitely the right choice for your home.

Less glass than patio doors

If you’re looking for external doors that will maximise the amount of light getting into the home then, while bifold doors will help, each pane is framed, meaning that sliding patio doors might be the better option.

Potential cost

Bifold doors are fairly costly, especially if you’re interested in aluminium or timber frames, but while they’re both costly, you won’t have to worry about replacing them for a number of years.

Are Bifold Doors Secure?

We mentioned security as being one of the many benefits of bifold doors and that’s because they can be fitted with a multi-locking system. As bifold doors are largely made up of glass, it’s a legal requirement that’ they’re fitted with toughened/tempered safety glass, which is incredibly strong and very tough to break. Double glazing will also increase the security of any door or window, no just bifold doors, simply because 2 panes are tougher to get through than a single pane.

Should I Install Bifold Doors?

Anyone looking to open up their home to create more space should definitely consider installing bifold doors. While they can be fairly costly, the pros far outweigh the cons and the right material can mean that you’ll be able to enjoy them for many years.

One of the biggest concerns with external bifold doors is their security, but with a multi-locking systems and by fitting the right glass, they’re just as secure as any other door.

So, whether you’re looking to install internal or external doors, bifold doors are the perfect solution.

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