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Bifold Doors Prices and Benefits

modern bifold doors

Bi-fold doors, also known as bi-folding or sliding folding doors are a popular external door option in the UK. A fantastic way to open up your home in the warmer months and provide more light all year round, the majority of bi-fold doors are installed on the back of a property leading out into a garden.

Characteristics of bi-fold doors

A bi-fold is a door which slides open and folds up during the process. This makes them ideal if you don’t have the room for doors which open in or outwards.

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Often bi-folds will also include a ‘traffic door’ which is a standard style of door that does not need to be rolled back to be used, which is ideal for the colder periods. Whilst aluminium bifold doors are usually the material of choice when it comes to installing bi-fold doors, you can also opt for uPVC or timber – giving you a huge range of colours and finishes to choose from.

Benefits of bi-fold doors

Internal bi-fold doors are a safe and secure option, thanks to the way they lock along multiple points across the track they sit on. Thanks to their multiple doors and the way they concertina open, bi-fold doors also offer you more space when they are open – unlike a French or sliding door.

If you find your home overheats easily in the summer months then bi-fold doors can be a great way to let air into your home, reducing a need for air conditioners and fans which can be expensive to run.

If you have small children and are concerned about the possibility of them trapping their fingers in doors, bi-folds may be ideal. They won’t gain the same momentum as a sliding or French door when being shut and many manufacturers include safety precautions such as ‘finger safe’ gaskets and encased rollers.

Cost of bi-fold patio doors

The price of a bi-fold door will vary greatly depending on a few factors including the size and material you choose. UKBifold suggest that a uPVC bi-fold door might cost £1485, whilst a timber version may be priced at around £2875. A bi-fold door is a great investment which can also increase the value of your property if you decide to sell it.

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