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Aluminium Front, Back & Patio Doors

yellow metal door

Aluminium doors are available in a range of shapes and sizes and are often chosen for their strength and durability. They tend to be considerably more secure than wooden doors and can be specially ordered to fit particular specifications – making them perfect for both domestic and commercial use.

Are replacement aluminium doors a good choice?

The biggest selling point for aluminium as a door material is its durability. Unlike wood, aluminium front doors won’t crack or rot and they also have a far smaller chance of swelling, shrinking or warping. The sheer strength of aluminium doors also makes them a great option if security is a concern.

Aluminium has not always been considered a good material choice when it comes to insulation but this is no longer the case. Adding a thermal break is the best way to improve the insulation provided. A piece of material that doesn’t conduct heat is added between the 2 sheets of aluminium to reduce the amount of warmth lost, meaning it can become as effective as a uPVC or wooden option.

Aluminium is also an aesthetically appealing option – especially if you desire a clean and modern look for your property. There are also a wide range of colours to choose from which are then applied to the aluminium door as a powder coating.

Cost of aluminium doors

Aluminium windows and doors are a relatively cheap option. Architectural Glass Installations explain that a 2000mm x 2100mm bi-fold door can cost as little as £1500, whilst a 2500mm x 2100mm aluminium sliding patio door costs around £1675. It’s important to note however that the price you pay for an aluminium door is dependent on the style and size you want.

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