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Hardwood Timber Conservatories - Benefits & Costs

Close up off a hardwood timber conservatoryA conservatory can be constructed from a range of timber hardwoods including mahogany, oak and sapele. Whilst you are less likely to see a softwood such as pine or cedar used externally in a conservatory, it may be used internally or mixed and matched with hardwood.

You can generally have any kind of conservatory style built from timber – from Victorian to lean to.

Benefits of using hardwood for conservatories

The main reason for homeowners opting for timber in their conservatories is its aesthetic appeal. Timber can come in a range of naturally beautiful colours and patterns and presents a more traditional and rustic look. You can of course have your wooden conservatory painted, stained or varnished to create the decorative effect you desire.

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A well-made timber framed conservatory not only looks great but will be hard wearing too, in fact it may have a longer lifespan than aluminium or uPVC alternatives when taken care of. It will also provide a good level of insulation for your conservatory, so thermal efficiency should not be a problem.

If building your conservatory in a more natural or eco-friendly way is a priority for you, then timber may be a good option as you can ask your installer for wood from a sustainable source only.

At the end of its life you could even recycle parts of your conservatory, making it a green choice of conservatory material.

Cost of a timber conservatory

You will notice that timber, like all hardwood conservatory prices, will often be seen as an expensive option when it comes to designing a conservatory, but this is certainly not always the case. Idigbo, Brazilian cedar and luan are just 3 of the less costly wood types that can be used in a conservatory build and can look just as good as the more expensive options.

Often a timber conservatory can be a little more costly due to the craftsmanship required when working with such a material.

Alongside factoring in the type of wood you choose and construction costs, the price of your conservatory will also depend on the style you want. This makes it difficult to give a general estimate on price so we recommend getting quotes based on your requirements.

Maintenance of a timber conservatory

There is a surprisingly small amount of upkeep required for a timber conservatory. Re-treating the wood every few years will ensure it continues to wear well and look fresh. For specific maintenance questions about your conservatory, you can ask your installer who will likely be happy to advise you further.

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