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T Shaped Conservatories

A picture of a T shaped conservatory style - get quotesA t shaped conservatory gets its name from the figure it creates – a long structure with a smaller section jutting out in the centre. Its shape is a result of combining multiple conservatory styles, with the long section being Victorian or Georgian and the smaller section being Victorian, Georgian or Gable.

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It will usually run the length of the house and so is most suitable for larger homes with available space.

Characteristics of T shaped conservatories

The main thing that differentiates a t shaped conservatory from a p-shaped model is the positioning of the doors. The t-shape means that the main doors into the garden are located in the centre of the conservatory and due to this section jutting out, can create a porch like effect.

French doors are usually incorporated into a t shaped conservatory which really allows you to open it out and enjoy the weather during warmer months.

Benefits of T shaped conservatories

Adding a t-shape conservatory to your property is a great way to create more room without having to commit to a full extension. It’s also very aesthetically pleasing with its Victorian or Georgian style which means it blends well with period or modern architecture.

As with the p-shaped version, a t shaped conservatory can also provide you with a way to join 2 rooms.

Cost of T shaped conservatories

Academy Home says that prices for a t shaped conservatory can start at around £14,000 but this will vary depending on a number of factors. You will need to decide if you want the framework to be made of aluminium, uPVC or wood during the design process and this will have a big impact on cost.

The kind of glass you choose will also be a factor, with single, double and triple glazing as well as polycarbonate options available.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I insulate my conservatory?

Yes. You can have insulation installed under the floor of your conservatory and in many cases also in the roof. If you do want to include this, you should let your builder know early on as this may need to be installed during the construction process

What is a dwarf wall?

A dwarf wall is a short wall that runs around the base of a conservatory. It can range in size but often sits at around 60cm in height.