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Conservatory Security - Locks, Beading & Alarms

Keys in a conservatory

A conservatory is a great addition to any property but many homeowners worry that it could present an opportunity for break-ins. There are however plenty of ways you can ensure that your conservatory is secure and safe.

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From the best kind of door fittings to home alarms, we took a look at the best ways to protect your conservatory from a break-in.

Conservatory door locks

Ensuring that your windows and conservatory door locking mechanism is secure is one of the most important steps when it comes to conservatory security. Shoot locks (sometimes referred to as shootbolts) are a popular choice as they actually push bolts into the frames themselves – making them extremely hard to open. Alongside this it’s recommended to use force-resistant hinges on your windows and doors, to further reduce the risk of entry by force.

In terms of your conservatory door security, there are items on the market that straddle your door handles that offer an extra layer of security.

If you have bi-fold door in your conservatory you may want to consider combining an in-line tracking system with a good locking system to prevent burglars from lifting the door out of place.

Toughened glass and internal beading

If you have a glass roof fitted on your conservatory, opting for toughened glass is a wise idea. Not only will this give you added protection from thieves, but also means that your conservatory is better able to weather the elements. You could also consider laminated glass, which has an interlayer to stop it from shattering if a burglar was to try and enter by breaking the glass of your conservatory.

Internal beading makes it incredibly hard for a burglar to remove the glass and enter your property this way. Ensure that you opt for internal as opposed to external beading, as this could be removed from the outside.

Alarms and warnings

Installing a security alarm will not only give you early warning if someone does try to break into your property but it can also provide peace of mind. If you do choose to add an alarm to your conservatory you could also consider adding a sticker or sign to let thieves know that your property is alarmed to further deter them.

Use a qualified conservatory installer

Hiring a qualified and experienced installer is the best way to ensure you get safe and secure conservatory locks. We also recommend looking at reviews from past customers so that you can have peace of mind that the company you choose will produce quality workmanship and use materials that will give you conservatory a good level of durability.

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