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Lantern Conservatories

interior of a lantern conservatoryThe lantern conservatory is considered one of the most elegant designs thanks to its impressive roof shape. The style works brilliantly for a large conservatory, which is ideal for anything from housing a swimming pool to creating an additional living space.

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The lantern conservatory has one of the most unique shapes, featuring a two-tiered effect which is reminiscent of the orangeries from years gone by.

Characteristics of Lantern conservatories

The main characteristic of a lantern conservatory is its unique two tiered roof. Made of glass or polycarbonate, this roof can either be kept sleek in design or be decorated with ornate detail. This makes it perfect for Victorian, Georgian or other period architecture but adaptable to fit modern properties also.

A lantern conservatory is ideal for bigger properties, however it can be downsized and still have a stunning effect.

Walls can vary more with lantern conservatories – some homeowners opt for a fully glazed wall to ceiling (including the roof) whilst others choose to have a small dwarf wall running around the bottom of the structure.

You could also opt for extra brickwork with full walls or column style walls.

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Benefits of Lantern conservatories

The roof style of a lantern conservatory means it is one of the brightest and airiest options on the market. This is furthered by the fact that you can often install electrically operated windows in the second tier which gives you better ventilation and more control over air flow and temperature.

It’s one of the most diverse conservatory types and the larger size means you really can turn it into any kind of room you want.

Lantern conservatory prices

Lantern conservatories are one of the most luxurious and customisable options on the market, meaning they do come in at a slightly higher price. Due to how many different choices you have when picking a lantern conservatory it can be hard to estimate a cost so we recommend comparing quotes from a number of installers before you invest.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I use underfloor heating in my conservatory?

Yes, underfloor heating is a popular choice for heating conservatories here in the UK. If you do decide to opt for underfloor heating, you should let your builder know early on as it will often need to be integrated during the construction process.

How can I get more privacy in my conservatory?

If you are concerned about how open a conservatory can seem there are options to provide more privacy. Blinds are a popular choice and can be made to match the dimensions of your conservatory. Alternatively you could have more brickwork in your build as opposed to going for a fully glazed conservatory with glass from top to bottom.