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6 Tips for Keeping Your Conservatory Cool

Keeping your conservatory cool

During the summer, conservatories can get too hot and prevent you from enjoying them.

There are several ways to keep a conservatory cool, from putting up blinds to adding a cooling film to the glass but the most effective is to have a new conservatory roof installed.

A replacement conservatory can not only keep your conservatory cool during the summer but warmer during the winter, helping to keep your energy bills down as a result.

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6 tips for cooling down your conservatory

If your conservatory is too hot during the summer for you to enjoy comfortably then these 6 cool conservatory ideas will help:

  • Put up blinds
  • Add a conservatory cooling film to glass
  • Install air conditioning
  • Soft and light furnishings
  • Increase ventilation
  • Replace conservatory roof

  1. Put up blinds
  2. Blinds can not only be an aesthetically pleasing addition to a conservatory but a practical on too. Blocking the sunlight from entering the conservatory will help to considerably lower the temperature of the conservatory.

    Blinds also come with the added benefit of being an effective insulator during the winter, keeping the conservatory nice and warm.

  3. Add cooling film to glass
  4. Cooling film is an adhesive layer that’s added to glass and will reflect around 80% of the sun’s rays away from the conservatory. Not only does cooling film reflect the heat away but the UV light too, which will help to protect your skin and furnishings from sun damage.

    Cooling film is an inexpensive option (50mm for as little as £12) that can be added to existing conservatory windows but due to the height of some conservatories, you should hire a professional to apply the film.

  5. Install air conditioning
  6. One of the more expensive solutions to a conservatory that’s too hot is the introduction of an air conditioning system. Air conditioners are available from around £400 to £1,000 and you might want to consider a system with dual function which means that it will also be able to heat the conservatory in winter as well as cool it down during the summer.

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  7. Choose soft, light furnishings
  8. It might sound surprising but the choices you make when it comes to your conservatory’s interior design will play a big part in keeping the conservatory cool.

    Consider white and pastel colours on the walls, use light, soft fabrics and avoid leather furniture.

  9. Increase ventilation
  10. As simple as it might sound, opening the windows and doors will help to increase air circulation around the conservatory and keep it cool.

    You might also want to turn your attention to the roof. If your conservatory has already been built, then the addition of a traditional conservatory fan, vents or a skylight could all be effective ways of keeping your conservatory cool.

    However, replacing the roof entirely may well be the best way to keep a conservatory cool in the summer.

  11. Replace your conservatory roof
  12. If you’ve tried all of the above and still aren’t able to sit in your conservatory without getting too hot during the summer months, you might have to turn your attention to the conservatory roof.

    Replacing your current conservatory roof with a high-quality roof that boasts thermal efficient materials, will help to keep it cool during the summer and warmer in the winter.

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    Conservatory roof replacement

    Replacing a conservatory roof might sound like an expensive way to keep the temperature down but it’s more affordable than you might think and there are several clear benefits:

    • Cooler conservatory during the summer
    • Warmer in the winter
    • Improved energy efficiency which means lower energy bills
    • Quieter than a glass roof when it’s raining
    • No need to clean – not even glass thanks to glass coating
    • Less likely to leak

    Types of conservatory roof

    There’s a number of different materials to choose from when it comes to finding a conservatory roof, including:

    • Glass
    • Poly-carbonate
    • Tiles
    • Slates
    • Composite panels

    Chances are, if your conservatory is too hot, then the conservatory roof is likely to have either glass or poly-carbonate as they both allow sunlight to pass through.

    Tiles, slates and composite panels will help to keep the sunlight out and, as a result, make the conservatory cooler than a conservatory roof with glass panels.

    Conservatory roof prices

    Replacing your conservatory roof with one that offers energy efficient insulation can help to increase comfort while reducing your energy bills.

    The price of a conservatory roof will vary depending on the type of conservatory, size of the conservatory and the type of material being used. All of these factors could see the price stretch from around £2,000 up to £10,000.

    On top of the price of the conservatory roof itself, you will also need to factor in the cost of installation. To get the best possible price, we highly recommend comparing multiple quotes and we can help you find them.

    Free conservatory roof installation quotes

    To find free no-obligation quotes for a new conservatory, take a couple of minutes to complete a simple online form. You’ll be contacted by up to 3 experienced and reputable installers based in your area who will each provide free quotes. Once you have the quotes, you’re in a position to compare them and hire the most competitively priced installer.

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