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6 tips for keeping your conservatory cool

Keeping your conservatory cool

Too often we hear of people abandoning their conservatories during the summer because it’s simply too hot. If this is the case for you, we want to help.

No room in your home should be out of bounds, especially a room which should be enabling you to enjoy those wonderful warm summer evenings with views of your garden when it is at its best.

There are some easy and effective ways to make a real difference. Here are 6 of the best from Windows Guide.

How do I keep my conservatory cool?

  1. Put up blinds: Many people choose to add blinds to their conservatory for aesthetic reasons but they also have a practical use. Adding blinds to your conservatory is a simple but highly effective way of keeping your conservatory cool. They block out the sunlight and lower the temperature of the room considerably. Plus, in winter blinds will help to insulate the room and keep the heat in. There are so many styles, colours, opening mechanisms and materials available when choosing your blinds so you’ll be able to make a choice that complements the rest of the decor at a price to suit your budget.
  2. Add Cooling Film to Glass: Many companies manufacture something called ‘cooling film’ for conservatory glass. It is basically an adhesive layer which sits on top of the glass and it reflects around 80% of the sun’s rays away. This means both the heat and UV rays entering your conservatory are considerably reduced without impeding the view of your garden. This is not only handy for keeping the conservatory cool and your skin safer, but will also protect your soft furnishings from sun damage and reduce the glare when you’re reading or watching the television.
  3. Cooling film can be added to your existing conservatory relatively easily but because it involves working at height and possibly overhead it’s advisable to contact a professional. It’s also an inexpensive option as you can purchase 50m of 600mm wide cooling film for as little as £12.00.

  4. Introduce Air Conditioning: One of the most effective but also most costly solutions to a hot conservatory is to introduce air conditioning. You can purchase air conditioning units from £400 to £1000 with a dual function i.e. they can both cool the room in summer and heat it in winter. However, they can be expensive to run on electricity so if you plan on using it a lot you may want to consider a solar-powered air conditioning unit. Of course, there’s always the traditional ceiling fan that will help to circulate air or freestanding fans for emergencies.
  5. Cool Interior Design: While it may seem a very simple approach, the interior design you choose can go a long way to making a space seem more spacious and light. You may be surprised how far pastels and whites on the wall and using light, soft fabrics will go in transforming a room. Many people also use indoor plants and bamboo furniture to bring the peace of the great outdoors to their inside space. If you can, avoid leather furniture as it’s not an ideal fabric to work with in summer!
  6. Improve Ventilation: It’s probably the simplest technique on this list, but opening the windows and doors to keep air circulating is key to keeping things cool. If you’re having a new conservatory built then it’s a very good idea to include vents in the roof and at the bottom of the conservatory. If your conservatory is already built it may be possible to add a skylight but this will depend on the structure in place. However, replacing the roof of your conservatory entirely may be a more realistic option than you think and could go a long way to cooling things down…
  7. Replace Your Conservatory Roof: It is possible, and more affordable than you might assume, to replace your conservatory roof. A higher quality roof made from more thermally efficient materials will act as a barrier, keeping heat out in summer and inside during winter. This will mean less heating in winter and less air conditioning in summer which results in less energy use and therefore lower energy bills.

Although replacing the roof of your conservatory may seem a more extreme solution than you may have been considering, for many people it has transformed a rejected space in their home into a comfortable living space again. Replacing the roof of your conservatory can also make your conservatory more weather proof against rain and wind and should reduce the noise pollution levels.

If you’d like to find out more about the process and costs of replacing your conservatory roof visit with our sister site conservatoryroofprice.com today.

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