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Conservatory Heating & Insulation

Person controlling there conservatory heating

If you plan to use your conservatory outside of the summer months you will likely want to consider which kind of heating to install to keep it warm enough. Keep in mind however that heating a conservatory isn’t always that easy.

Whilst you could extend your home’s current central heating with conservatory radiators, this will affect planning permission and building regulations so it’s often not the best choice.

There are however plenty of other conservatory heating options, which range in price and effectiveness, to help to keep your conservatory toasty.

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Underfloor heating in a conservatory

Underfloor heating is one of the most popular ways to warm your conservatory and can take the chill away from floor tiles, wood or vinyl.

A wet or electrical underfloor heating system is a popular conservatory heating solution, which needs to be laid underneath the flooring – ideally when construction is taking place.

One thing to note with electrical underfloor heating is that it can be expensive to run and may need to be combined with another heating source to provide enough warmth for your conservatory.

Portable heating options

Electric conservatory heaters can give a conservatory a blast of warm air and take little time to bring the temperature of a room up. This makes them ideal if you only plan to use your conservatory for short periods of time during the colder months and only wish to heat it whilst you’re in there.

The big drawback of electric powered heaters is the extremely high running cost compared to other heating types.

If you do opt for this kind of heater you may find an oil filled version is more effective than a fan heater, as it will stay warmer for longer after it has been turned off.

Air conditioning units

If you want to opt for a wall mounted heating option, an air conditioning unit may be worth considering. Not only will this provide you with cool air if you find your conservatory overheating in the summer, but it can also be used for heating the room during colder months too.

Whilst air conditioning units can be easy to use thanks to remote controls and timers, you may find they are noisy and potentially costly to run.

Conservatory insulation

Whilst not technically a heating option, insulating your conservatory is one of the best ways to keep it warmer overall. Conservatories are effectively glass rooms, and whilst there are glass options such as double and triple glazing that perform better than others, heat loss is ultimately inevitable.

You can help to reduce it however by having floor insulation installed when your conservatory is constructed.

There is also the option of having your conservatory roof insulated, however this would mean you lose some of the bright and airy feel of the room.

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