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The Gable Conservatory

a photo of a gable conservatory for your homeA Gable conservatory will often have similar characteristics to a Georgian conservatory, but with the addition of a flat, upright front. This style, which is also often referred to as Gable-end, works well with both modern and period homes alike.

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Characteristics of Gable conservatories

Georgian design, which is the basis for a Gable end conservatory, tends to feature clean, symmetrical structures with a rectangular or square shape. The flat, vertical end of the conservatory is a similar shape to the end of a house, which is where the term Gable-end comes from.

Many homeowners opt for a decorative glass feature at the highest point of the structure, with a rising sun being the most popular. Many Gable conservatories include a dwarf wall – a short wall, up to several bricks high, which runs around the bottom section of the structure.

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Benefits of gable end designs

As with a typical Georgian conservatory, the Gable option provides you with plenty of space and the rectangular design means it’s easy to fit in furniture. This style also creates a bright and airy feel, but adds even more space due to the height of the ceiling.

Gable end conservatory designs are a great option if you are looking for a more traditional conservatory which blends well with more modern architecture thanks to its clean structure.

What about Gable conservatory prices?

Conservatory Land suggests that gable end conservatory prices can start from just £2,795 however this can vary greatly based on the shape, size and materials you choose. The frame can be made from a number of materials, with aluminium, uPVC and wood being the most common.

You also have glass options to consider – including single, double or triple glazing as well as polycarbonate.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I heat a conservatory?

There are numerous ways to heat a conservatory. Many people opt for underfloor heating whilst others choose to extend their existing central heating system into the conservatory. If you do choose to take this route you should check any implications it may have on planning permission and building regulations. Alternatively, some homeowners choose to use portable heaters however this may not make a great deal of difference during extremely cold weather.

Should I have polycarbonate or glass in my conservatory?

There are a few factors that affect this decision. For example glass is more expensive but is seen to be longer wearing and has more temperature control options. Polycarbonate on the other hand is far cheaper, but is often deemed less attractive and noisy during rainy weather. We recommend weighing up the pros and cons in more details before you decide between the two options.