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What’s the Best Type of Flooring for a Conservatory?

bare feet on warm floor

There are plenty of design choices to be made when it comes to creating your dream conservatory. The flooring you pick can have a big impact not only on the aesthetics of your conservatory but also how comfortable it is for daily use.

We took a look at the considerations you might want to make and what’s the best flooring for a conservatory you could opt for.

Which is the best type of flooring for conservatories?

There are pros and cons to each kind of flooring you can choose for your conservatory so you should consider what you will be using it for, the kind of footfall it might see and what kind of price you are willing to pay. If you have decided to install underfloor heating it’s important to make sure you choose a floor type that will work well with this.

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Conservatory floor tiles

One of the most aesthetically pleasing options, tiles come in a range of colours, materials and styles. They are hard wearing and easy to clean – making them perfect for a conservatory that is likely to get walked through from the garden or used by pets. The major downside to floor tiles for a conservatory is how cold they can become in the winter months – this shouldn’t be a problem however if you are planning to have underfloor heating installed.

If you are thinking of using your conservatory as a playroom it may not be the best option, or you may want to lay a rug over the top to provide a less hard surface, in case of any falls.

Wood or laminate

When considering your conservatory flooring options, laminate could be a good option. Whilst real wood can look stunning and not feel as cold to the touch as tiles, the factor of cost can be a big drawback.

You would also need to heavily consider any issues you may have with the wood expanding and contracting due to temperature and moisture fluctuations you might see in a conservatory. Laminate is a cheaper alternative to natural wood flooring and is a popular conservatory floor choice in the UK.

If you do opt for laminate, make sure to take the same considerations over warping and expansion as you would for traditional wood.


Vinyl is a popular choice thanks to how easy it is to fit and keep clean. It’s a great alternative to tiles as it will feel less cold during the winter months but can provide a similar look. The biggest drawback with vinyl however is how easily it can be damaged.

It can be easily dented, so if you do opt for it take extra consideration for how furniture could indent your flooring. If you choose a darker vinyl you should also expect the possibility of the colour fading due to exposure to so much sunlight.

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The biggest benefits of using carpet for your conservatory floor are the warmth it can provide and the low cost in comparison to other options. It’s also a great choice if you plan on letting children play in your conservatory as it will cushion any falls. The biggest downside is the discolouration it can experience. This can stem from wear, especially if your conservatory will see a lot of foot traffic to and from the garden or if you have pets likely to tread dirt through.

It can also be discoloured by the sun – a big problem in a room made primarily from glass.

Conservatory flooring insulation

One of the best ways to keep your new conservatory warm in the winter months is to have the floor insulated. This is done by fitting an insulation board material that reduces the amount of heat lost through the floor. It can work well alongside underfloor heating, or be installed on its own.

If you are considering insulating the floor of your conservatory, you should speak to your installer before the project begins, as it is best done during construction.

If you have an existing conservatory, you can have floor insulation installed however this can be a costly renovation.

How much does conservatory flooring cost?

This will ultimately come down to 2 factors:

  1. the size of your conservatory
  2. the type of flooring you choose

Carpet tends to come in at the lower end of the price scale, but will likely need to be replaced on a regular basis due to wear. Other options like tiles or wooden flooring are often pricier but may last longer.

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