Choosing a Window Installer

Choosing a Window Installer

If your windows are single glazed, mouldy, damaged, letting in cold air or allowing your heating to escape, new double glazed windows can deliver huge benefits to your everyday life. But which window installer or company is best for the job?

Replacing windows in your home is a fantastic way to upgrade your home's curb appeal, your everyday comfort, reduce unwanted noise from the outside and can also deliver energy savings by lowering heat loss and getting rid of draughts.

New double glazing windows should last around 20 years (on average) before you need to think about replacing them again. However, if they are poorly installed windows can develop problems and their lifespan shortens significantly, so it's really important you use only the best window installer. Here's how to find them…

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1. Always compare multiple quotes

At Windows Guide, we highly recommend obtaining at least 2-3 quotes from different window installers. You can do this really easily right now by sending us an enquiry; we'll put you in touch with up to 3 window installers who will visit your home to discuss what type of new windows you're looking for (including the style, glazing and frame material) and to provide you with a no-obligation quote for the job.

2. Check their qualifications

Hiring an unqualified window installer can lead to all kinds of trouble. They should be registered with either FENSA or CERTASS which recognise competent tradespeople.

3. Get an itemised quote in writing

Getting your quote in writing will ensure everyone is on the right page and you’ll avoid any miscommunication. Plus, you’ll be able to see a breakdown of everything that makes up the quote.

4. Check their reviews

When it comes to choosing a window installer the more experience they have the better. That's why it's a very good idea to do some research into how long the installer has been in business for and how much experience they have installing windows.

Company websites are a good place to start when looking for reviews and testimonials, as is this website. Windows Guide operates a service which allows our customers to rate and review our window installers and leave genuine feedback. Using the genuine verified customer reviews and ratings on Windows Guide is a great way to identify trustworthy companies.

When you're considering quotes you can also ask to see photos of previous installations they've carried out or, even better, visit a couple of local sites they've worked on to make sure the finished standard is of a high quality.

5. Make sure they’re insured

A window installer should hold public liability insurance. This will see that you’re covered in the unlikely event that your property is damaged as a result of the window installation.

6. Don’t just go for the cheapest option

For many, price is the determining factor when it comes to hiring a window installer. However, you don’t want to hire an installer simply because their quoted price is far lower than the rest.

7. Ask about the warranty

A reputable window installation company should offer a warranty with their work which protects you from the expense of getting your windows repaired during the warranty period. The warranty usually won't include the usual wear and tear, or damage that results from mishandling or modifications.

The length of warranty on offer is a very good way to judge the quality of the windows themselves. Most national window installation companies provide warranties of 10-15 years which should provide you with real peace of mind that you've made a sound investment.

8. Local or national window installer?

There are pros and cons to both options and in the end it will often come down to personal choice.

Some people prefer to use local companies as they can offer a more personal, bespoke service, i.e. you'll be dealing with the same people from start to finish rather than call centres. Independent companies are often able to offer more competitive window prices than nationals. This is because small companies don't have the same marketing budget as national companies; they often have to rely on their reputation and word of mouth to attract customers.

However, while you may end up paying a national company more for your windows, they do often run promotional offers and some homeowners prefer the security of using a big brand.

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Window replacement costs

Installing double glazing with uPVC frames throughout an average 3 bedroom house could cost between £3,000 to £5,000.

However, it's difficult to estimate the cost of double glazing an entire home as it will depend how many windows you need, what size they are, the type of glazing, frames and style of window you choose. All your options come with different price tags. For example, the following tables show some average industry prices for supply and fit of casement windows with uPVC, aluminium and timber frames.

Size of Window (mm) Price per uPVC Casement Window
600 x 900 £500 - £650
900 x 1200 £750 - £1,650
1200 x 1200 £850 - £1,850
Size of Window (mm) Price per Aluminium Casement Window
600 x 900 £550 - £700
900 x 1200 £650 - £800
1200 x 1200 £750 - £950
Size of Window (mm) Price per Timber Casement Window
600 x 900 £850 - £1,000
900 x 1200 £1,200 - £1,400
1200 x 1200 £1,350 - £1,500

You'll also pay more for certain designs than others. To find out how much your new windows are likely to cost you can take a look at our guide to Replacement Window Prices.

When considering the upfront cost of new windows it's worth remembering the potential savings too. As double glazing improves your home's insulation and less heat will escape, you should be able to use your central heating less often and reduce your energy bills. In some cases replacing single glazed windows with double glazed windows with A+ efficiency can deliver up to £110 in savings per year.

The best way to save money on the cost of your new windows is to compare quotes from at least 2-3 different companies. We have a network of local and national window installation companies across the UK. Send us an enquiry today and we'll put you in touch with up to 3 of them who will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

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What else should I know before buying replacement windows?

Get the right measurements

When measuring for your new windows remember to measure the aperture or brickwork opening on the outside of your property, not the inside. Measurements are usually given in millimetres (mm).

Not sure how to measure your windows? Take a look at our step by step guide to measuring your old windows for replacement.

Research window styles & frames

Windows come in a range of different designs and opening styles to suit the facade of different homes. Casement windows are the most popular style in the UK, but bay and sash windows are also common as well as tilt & turn.

The frame around the glass can have a huge impact on the overall look of your home There are 3 main types of window frame material available in the UK: wooden, uPVC and aluminium. Each material offers its own advantages and disadvantages as differ in terms of price, durability, security and the amount of maintenance needed.

Check window efficiency & security ratings

Windows are given an energy efficiency rating by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). Ratings range from G (inefficient) to the best rating of A++.

Ideally you want to buy the most efficient windows you can afford as they will keep the heat in and the cold out. To get the most out of your new windows in terms of energy savings and improved comfort, an energy rating of B or above is recommended.

Some windows are more secure than others so if this is a priority you should look out for windows which meet or exceed the British Security Standard. Secured by Design (SBD), an official police security initiative. This is given to windows which have achieved certain standards of security like burglary resistance.

You're under no-obligation to accept any quotes

The double glazing industry has a reputation for 'pressure selling' techniques but this is not something you'll experience if the company is trustworthy. You should always be very wary of a quote based on 'today only prices'. A reputable company will provide their best quote and leave you to consider it.

We advise you get as many quotes as you can but it's really important that you compare at least 2 to be sure you're getting a competitive price. A very good tactic is to consider quotes from both a national installer against a local, independent company. Remember to compare a like for like service so you can see the difference in costs and ask specific questions.

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