uPVC vs Wooden Windows

Wooden Casement Window

Looking into the best material for your window frames can leave you swamped in the advantages and disadvantages of them all but not getting any closer to making a decision. That's why we've put two of the window frames head-to-head and come out the other end with a definitive winner to help you find the right material for your home.

This is uPVC vs wooden window frames…

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What are Wooden Windows?

Wooden windows have been used for many years, far outlasting any other material used for window frames. You'll have a choice of softwood or hardwood, with softwood being the cheaper option while hardwood is more durable and has a longer lifespan.

What are uPVC Windows?

uPVC windows are the most popular choice for UK homeowners thanks to their lower price when compared to other materials. It's also the most highly recommended material when fitting double glazing which has many more benefits than single glazing.

Wooden Window

Benefits of Wooden Windows

Timber windows have undergone significant improvements over the last few years that make them more durable and long-lasting than ever before. You can even fit single, double, or triple glazed windows within the frames.

Benefit Why it's a Benefit
Appearance Wooden window frames have a natural, traditional charm that can't be found with any other window material.
Insulation Wood will deliver your home with natural insulation, which means that it will keep the heat in, helping to reduce your energy bills.
Environmentally friendly Simply put, wood is a natural material, that will have little impact on the environment as they're made, while UPVC requires high levels of production.
Lifetime Wooden windows could last for as long as 60 years, making them a very long-term investment.
Security As a naturally durable material, able to withstand the most severe of weather, wooden window frames will help to increase the security of your home.

Upvc Window

Benefits of uPVC Windows

We've been through the many benefits of wooden windows but that doesn't mean to say uPVC windows don't have a few of their own.

Benefit Why it's a Benefit
Price If you have a tight budget to stick to when replacing your window frames then you won't find a cheaper material than uPVC.
Maintenance Keeping the frames clean with a little wipe every now and then will be enough to keep your windows clean, no need for any specialist treatments.
Durable As a non-corrosive material, uPVC won't rust or rot like other materials could end up doing. They'll also be able to withstand any weather, not letting damp into the home.
Security With a steel core, uPVC windows are extremely tough to damage let alone break-in through.
Insulation Fitting double glazing within the uPVC window frames makes for a highly insulated home that will help to keep the heat in and the outdoor noise out.

If you're reading this article, then you're probably torn between uPVC and wooden windows, you might be helped in your decision making by knowing that you can get uPVC windows that look like wood – also known as 'posh' uPVC windows. Going for this option means that you can enjoy the traditional charm of wooden windows with all the benefits of a modern day window frame material.

Having said that, wooden windows have really developed over the years to rival the benefits of more modern materials and you'll find uPVC windows that look like wood but not the other way around…

uPVC vs Wooden Windows: Cost

Depending on the style of window that you're looking at for your home, the cost will differ. We've added two tables below that compare the difference in price between casement and sash windows.

Not sure what the difference is between casement and sash windows? Casement windows have hinges on the side and open outwards while sash windows have a moveable pane that runs parallel to the other and slides upwards to open.

Wooden Casement Window


Material Average Price
uPVC £200 – £900
Wood £600 – £1,500

Sash Window


Material Average Price
uPVC £700 – £1,100
Wood £1,100 – £1,900

The potential prices in the table don't include the cost of installation which will add to these costs so it's important to compare installation quotes to ensure that you're not charged too much more.

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Wooden Window Disadvantages

From the price comparison, you can see that wooden windows will set you back more than uPVC which can be a disadvantage in itself depending on your budget.

As wood used to be a living material, once installed you'll have to ensure that they're properly cared for by painting, staining or treating them as they're susceptible to weathering and warping.

uPVC Window Disadvantages

Something we've touched on already in this article is the visual benefits you get with timber window frames, uPVC doesn't come close in comparison. Even though you can get uPVC windows that replicate the appearance of timber, if the aesthetics of your home is a top priority when installing new windows, you're much better off with timber.

They may be the cheaper option, but you'll be replacing your uPVC window frames much sooner than if you choose wooden windows, which could make the extra cost of timber worthwhile.

Other Window Materials

You're not restricted to timber or uPVC in your search for new window frames, with aluminium proving to be a durable, secure and long-term investment. See how aluminium stands up against uPVC with our comparison.

Wood or uPVC Windows?

If you're replacing old wooden windows on a budget, or any material for that matter, then uPVC is the way to go but in all other cases wooden windows are the clear choice. You'll be making a long-term investment that will help to make your home more secure, more efficient and nice on the eye.

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