5 reasons to install uPVC windows and doors

uPVC Windows

As a material for windows & doors installation uPVC is a much utilised material in the construction of windows and doors, favoured for its value for money, low maintenance, excellent insulating properties and modern, clean aesthetics. 

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An easier material to maintain compared to metal and wood, uPVC windows and doors are known for being a high quality product offering security and peace of mind, not to mention a huge amount of choice – in terms of colour, style and texture – to suit all types of properties, tastes and pockets.

Due to its cost effectiveness, uPVC – which is also known as unplasticised polyvinyl chloride and PVCu – is one of the most popular choices on the windows and doors market, given its cost in relation to hardwood timber and aluminium options.

What Exactly is uPVC

A chemical compound comprising of carbon, chlorine and hydrogen, polyvinyl chloride was first produced back in the 1930s and has been manufactured to make window sills and frames for industrial use on a large scale for the last fifty or so years. It is also used for drainpipes and guttering as well as soffits and fascias.

PVC is one of the largest commodity plastics – second to polyethylene which is the largest. Perhaps what makes uPVC such an attractive material for many – aside from the cost – is its insulating properties. A highly competent insulator, uPVC is superior in this area when compared to timber and aluminium.

Advantages of uPVC windows and doors

The purchase of uPVC doors and uPVC windows for your home is a long term investment, and they feature a wealth of benefits, some of which include:

  1. Choice – variety is the spice of life and there’s certainly no shortage of options when it comes to finding the perfect uPVC windows and doors. Whether you’re looking for casement or sash uPVC windows, French doors or sliding patio doors, there will be a style of uPVC windows or doors to perfectly compliment your home.
  2. Quality – uPVC doors and uPVC windows require little maintenance and are durable and strong. They are also capable of withstanding the elements, meaning the material won’t fade or rot like wood, or rust like aluminium.
  3. Value – as a material uPVC offers value for money and windows and doors constructed from this material are cheaper than their timber or metal counterparts, making them a cost effective solution.
  4. Energy efficient – installing uPVC windows or doors will help to improve your home’s energy efficiency. They reduce heat loss, draughts and also noise.
  5. Recyclable – The material can be recycled because it can be reshaped at high temperatures. By recycling waste products it reduces the amount sent to landfill.

When they first came on the market, uPVC windows and doors were only available in white; now leading manufacturers like Eurocell and Veka are able to offer products in a variety of colours, styles and designs – even a wood-effect finish. However, the white plastic option continues to remain a popular choice amongst homeowners.

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