uPVC garden room and orangeries - better than conservatories?


Historically, an orangery or garden room was built of stone. However, they tend to be uPVC, aluminium or timber fixtures these days.

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Garden rooms and orangeries are similar to conservatories and will usually be found attached to the side of a property. Traditionally they tend to be utilised to grow plants and fruits, hence the name, however garden rooms and orangeries are growing in popularity and therefore their usage as a living space is being adopted more and more.

Although timber is the most commonly used material for the structure, uPVC and metal framed garden rooms are also available. The type of material you choose for your garden room or orangery will depend on a variety of factors, most notably budget and taste.

Why choose uPVC over other materials?

Because it is usually the cheapest option on offer ahead of metal and timber, uPVC garden rooms and orangeries are increasing in popularity. The benefits and advantages of uPVC are:

  • As a construction material, uPVC is low maintenance – simply wipe it down from time to time with a wet cloth.
  • It won't rot or flake like a timber structure over time.
  • If you're looking purely for a solid structure uPVC is the most durable of the materials available. It is also very secure.
  • The white plastic look is very clean and simple and is sometimes considered a more attractive option to metal and timber despite garden rooms traditionally being timber-based.
  • More styles and colours are becoming more readily available with timber-look designs entering the market too.
  • Resistant to the elements. As a material uPVC is capable of withstanding all sorts of weather; from the harshness of cold winters to dry summer spells the material will not rot or flake or warp.

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With garden rooms you get the best of both worlds

You get the best of both worlds with a garden room or orangery. You can utilise the space as an extra living room or by decking it out with plants it’ll be like having your very own garden inside your own home.

There are dedicated firms who specialise in orangeries and garden rooms who will be able to offer you an all-in-one supply and installation package, which should save you money in the long run. With a number of options available in terms of style, looks, colour and features, it is ideal to make contact with a reputable company who can offer you the widest selection of choice. Given that a garden room installation is by no means a small job, it will require the skills of a trained work force.

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How often does uPVC need repairing?

Because uPVC constructions are very strong and durable, repair issues shouldn’t occur too often. The most common issue is roof seals leaking, however this can be rectified by any trained uPVC conservatory or garden room expert. An orangery tends to be supplied with a warranty and issues can be covered under these.

However, you still may have issues once the warranty has lapsed with handles, hinges and internal mechanisms for the doors and windows breaking. Therefore, you will need to seek out a repair service.

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