Timber framed garden room and orangeries - Supply and installation


Timber-framed orangeries may be more popular but unlike uPVC garden rooms they require more maintenance and repairs. Wood isn’t able to weather the conditions quite as well as uPVC.

However, a lot of homeowners still prefer to opt for the traditional timber-frame look, especially when tying in with an older property where uPVC looks too modern.

If you do have a timber-frame orangery and require repair or maintenance, or solely require a quote for a timber-frame garden room new build, Windows Guide will have UK-covering and local to you conservatory and orangery  groups ready to quote you.

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Timber Framed Garden Room and Orangeries – Supply & Installation

Despite uPVC growing in popularity amongst modern homeowners, for those who own older properties a uPVC option may not suit. Timber framed garden rooms help maintain the period of a home, come in a variety of styles and finishes and in some cases is a preferred choice for an organic and traditional look rather than the manufactured uPVC style.

Many firms who offer to supply a timber frame orangery will also have an installation facility which could potentially work out cheaper as part of one deal than employing a separate firm to build the structure.

Windows Guide has a large number of firms like this registered with us, both national covering and locally based in your area, who can quote you on the work in hand along with the supply of the build.

Supply Only

Just about every company that offers a supply and installation package for a timber conservatory or orangery will also offer to provide you with the structure and materials if you have managed to bargain a separate installation firm down to build the conservatory.


Despite being strong structurally, timber will not be able to weather the effects of the UK climate as well as uPVC or a metal framed orangery.

Rotting over time is a potential issue with timber structures, however cracks or splits in the wood can also be a problem, and leaks, draught and potential damp.

Timber orangeries require much more maintenance than uPVC and should be checked on regular occasions to identify issues early.

However, if a problem occurs beyond the realms of DIY, Windows Guide can provide you with a timber repair service.

Get Free Orangeries Quotes Now:        Get quotes for your new orangery now

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