Sash uPVC windows – Advantages over timber sash windows

uPVC windows

Developments in window technology has enabled homeowners who prefer the traditional charm and elegance of traditional timber framed sash windows to finally take advantage of the benefits uPVC windows have to offer.

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This type of window consists of glazed panels which are opened vertically or horizontally. These days homeowners who favour sash windows can install sash uPVC windows instead of sash timber windows, and given the benefits uPVC windows have to offer as a product, the advantages are hard to ignore.

Sash uPVC windows have distinct advantages over sash timber windows

Traditional sash windows have various shortcomings, including poor energy efficiency and high levels of maintenance. Which is why modern uPVC windows that have been manufactured to replicate the aesthetic qualities of traditional sash windows are becoming an increasingly popular choice.

The benefits of sash uPVC windows compared to traditional timber framed include:

  • Eliminates those annoying sticking and rattling issues commonly found in traditional sash windows, resulting in a smooth gliding action.
  • Vertical uPVC sash windows mimic the appearance of timber window frames.
  • They are available in a range of glazing and framing designs.
  • Their inward tilting action makes the windows easy to clean, both inside and out.
  • Highly insulated, unlike traditional sash windows, making them energy efficient.
  • Retains the elegance and charm of their traditional counterparts, and are ideal for cottages and older properties.
  • Very secure.

Aside from white PVCu windows, other finishes available include wood grain effect and cream PVCu sash windows. The property type will tend to lead itself to a particular style of sash uPVC window.

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Most window companies offer the supply and installation of windows as a complete package. For the customer they usually offer the best kinds of deals. Windows Guide can put you in touch with approved and reputable window fitters to quote for the supply and installation of your new sash uPVC windows. Bear in mind that removing existing windows and mounting and finishing a new installation is a professional job; one that requires the skills of an experienced window fitter.

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