Metal framed garden rooms and orangeries - Better than hardwood?

metal conservatory

Metal framed garden rooms, orangeries and conservatories are made from aluminium or steel and will be more expensive than a uPVC version.

Homeowners tend to like them because they are strong but the biggest feature is that they can cover large spans where timber and uPVC may fall short in a larger garden room.

The steel or aluminium will be powder-coated to prevent corrosion and therefore should remain relatively reliable. However, style choices are far more limited than with uPVC and timber with fewer colouring options available.

You will find metal garden rooms are more popular on old-style stately homes due to the pure size required being too much for a timber framed construction.

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Garden rooms and orangeries are stylish and bespoke

Dedicated conservatory and orangery firms will offer all-in-one supply and installation packages that should save you money over choosing a separate firm to conduct the installation for you. Just about every company that offers a supply and installation package for a metal-framed orangery will also offer to provide you with the structure and materials if you have managed to bargain a separate installation firm down to build the structure.

Although hardwood and timber framed orangeries and garden rooms are traditionally favoured, there are some firms who specialise in metal framed structures. Apropos Conservatories, for example, are an expert in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of aluminium conservatories, garden rooms and orangeries. They have been building bespoke glass structures for residential and commercial customers for more than 50 years.

Given that an orangery or garden room installation is by no means a small job – despite many websites offering information on DIY builds – Windows Guide advises using the service of a local recommended conservatory installer. If the garden room or orangery is bespoke, then you will need the services of a dedicated metal frame supplier who can readily get their hands on specific structure dimensions.

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Because metal-framed constructions are very strong and durable, repair issues shouldn’t occur too often. However, you still may have issues with handles, hinges and internal mechanisms for the doors and windows breaking. Therefore, you will need the services of a repair service, which Windows Guide can also provide.

How do garden rooms and orangeries differ from conservatories?

  • They tend to have more of a visual impact – a wow factor if you like.
  • More stylish and substantial than conventional uPVC conservatories.
  • Orangeries and garden rooms are the ultimate in modern glazed multi purpose extensions.

Orangeries and garden rooms tend to be able to utilise a lot of space, which allows these kinds of structures to many different uses. Although in some instances they are still used for traditional horticultural purposes – to grow plants and fruit –  modern garden rooms and orangeries tend to be used as living spaces and for recreational purposes. Some of the most popular choices include:

  • Swimming pool enclosure
  • Home office or studio
  • Recreational/games room
  • Kitchen/dinning room

Whether you’re looking for a brand new installation or require a repair job carrying out on your existing orangery, conservatory or garden room, fill out the quote form and let Windows Guide assist you.

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