How Much Does Double Glazing Cost?

How Much Does Double Glazing Cost In 2018?

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Replacing single glazing with double glazing windows and doors installed around your home can increase security, prevent draughts and help to reduce your energy bills.

In this guide we'll take you through the pros, cons and potential costs that come with installing double glazing around your home.

What is Double Glazing?

Rather than a single pane of glass, double glazed windows have 2 panes of glass, separated by 12-16mm of gas, most commonly argon. By simply doubling the panes of glass, your home will benefit in a number of ways.

Benefits of Double Glazing

The benefits of double glazing come in many forms. From helping to reduce your energy bills, thanks to creating an additional layer of insulation, to making your home more secure, double glazing is well worth considering.

Here are some of the many advantages to installing double glazing around your home:

    • Reduces level of outdoor noise making it into the home
    • Helps to prevent draughts
    • You'll see less condensation on the inside of the window
    • Increased security – 2 panels of glass are tougher than a single pane

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Double Glazing Frame Materials

Once you've decided to install double glazing around your home, it's then a case of choosing the right material of the frame. There are several options, each with their own pros and cons, so let us help you find the most suitable frames for your windows.


uPVC is the most popular choice of window frame in the UK, mainly because it’s typically the cheapest. It's often used as the white frames on new build homes but is available in many other styles, even a timber-effect.

uPVC Advantages uPVC Disadvantages
Easy to maintain Shorter life than other materials
Cheapest available window frame material Manufacturing process is bad for the environment
Include a steel core for added security As they age they can become beyond repair, meaning you'll have no choice but to replace them
Isn't susceptible to warping Don't suit all types of home


Timber is arguably the most sought-after material for window frames as it gives homes a certain traditional charm unmatched by the other materials available.

Timber Advantages Timber Disadvantages
Easy to maintain Shorter life than other materials
A charming addition to homes Can be expensive
Environmentally friendly Need to be well maintained
Lengthy lifespan of up to 60 years Susceptible to rotting if not treated well


If you're looking for window frames that you won't need to replace for quite a long time, then aluminium could be the best choice for your home.

Aluminium Advantages Aluminium Disadvantages
Long lifetime Susceptible to condensation
Highly secure Don't tend to suit the aesthetics of all homes
Help to reduce energy bills One of the more expensive materials

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How Does the Material Effect Window Prices?

Window frame materials are all available at different prices, with uPVC sitting at the lower end of the scale while aluminium and timber are typically much more expensive. While this might have you making up your mind already, it's worth considering the lifespan of these materials as uPVC frames will need replacing much sooner than other options.

Double Glazing Window Prices

Typically, one double glazing window will cost £350 – £600 but this will vary from installation to installation. This is because there are many factors that have to be considered:

      • Size of the windows
      • Window style (sash windows tend to be the most expensive)
      • Window frame materials
      • Energy rating of the glass
      • Rates of the installer

Find out how much a window replacement is likely to cost in our guide to window prices.

Double Glazing Door Prices

Double glazing isn't limited to windows, you can have it fitted onto the front, back and patio doors too. Again, there are several factors that will have an impact on the price:

      • Size of the glass window
      • Door material
      • Style of door
      • Type of glass (safety glass, decorative glass etc.)
      • Installer rates

As a result of there being many variables, the potential cost can vary from £400 for a uPVC door with minimal glass work, right up to £3900 for large sliding glass patio doors.

Double Glazing Savings

Replacing single-glazed windows with double glazing around the home can really help to reduce your energy energy bills. Research carried out by The Energy Saving Trust found that savings of up to £160 can be made for typical gas heated homes across England, Scotland and Wales.

Energy Rating Detached Semi-detached Mid-terrace Bungalow Flat
A £120 – £160 £85 – £110 £65 – £90 £55 – £75 £40 – £60
B £110 – £145 £75 – £100 £60 – £80 £50 – £70 £40 – £55
C £110 – £135 £75 – £95 £60 – £75 £50 – £65 £40 – £50

It's worth noting that double glazing is a long term investment when it comes to seeing a reduction in your energy bills.

Double Glazing Disadvantages

During the winter, double glazing will prevent heat from escaping your home, helping to keep your home warm during the cold months. However, this isn't so great during the summer.

To prevent double glazing from making your home stuffy on hot days, you might want to consider having them tinted. This will reflect some of the sunlight away from your home, that way some outdoor heat won't make it into your home.

While one of the many benefits of double glazing is that it will help to reduce condensation on the inside, there's a chance that it could form in the space between the 2 panes. However, this is highly unlikely, especially if you have them installed by a fully-qualified window installer. We can match you with professional installers near you, simply complete our online form and you'll get free quotes from up to 3 trustworthy installers for you to compare.

Double Glazing for 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Houses

The more windows you have around your home, the more the installation is going to cost. So, houses with 3 bedrooms can typically expect to pay more than homes with 1 bedroom.

Rather than looking at the total cost of new double glazed windows depending on how many bedrooms you have in your home, you'll get a better idea by counting up the number of windows.

Total Number of Windows Potential Cost
4 £2,000 – £2,300
8 £4,250 – £4,350
10 £5,250 – £5,500
15 £8,000 – £8,250

If you're looking to have any more windows than 15 installed, you'll be looking at paying over £8,000. Remember, the cost will vary depending on the size, style and material, amongst many other factors.

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