Garden rooms - Costs and Benefits

Gaden Room

Garden rooms have become increasingly popular over the last ten or twenty years and are a great alternative to the more conventional conservatories. Basically they are what they say they are – separate one-room, one-storey structures erected away from the main house in the garden and often used as offices and studios as well as for entertaining.

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They are often individually designed and primarily made of wood – although a uPVC garden room is a popular alternative to timber – with glass doors which can often be conventional or more along the lines of French windows. They are designed to be well furnished and comfortable and are often marketed as places where you can escape the family and enjoy a little solitude without having to leave your home. Alternatively, a garden room be utilised for recreational purposes, such as a swimming pool enclosure.

Garden rooms tend to have completely solid roofs, with slate or tile being the most popular materials. Instead of a complete solid roof, a glass roof is another popular option for optimising light levels.

The main features of a garden room are:

  • Warm and well-decorated interiors.
  • No or low maintenance exteriors.
  • Often constructed of sustainably-sourced timber.
  • Low environmental impact.
  • Often individually designed according to customer requirements.
  • Built to last - usually there will be some kind of guarantee with a 'minimum life'.

How much do garden rooms cost?

Green Retreats use SIP (Structured Insulated Panel) technology and cavity wall insulation in their garden rooms and they endeavour to use traditional and sustainable materials where possible. Their prices range from £6,995 for a compact home office to £11,495 for a Pinnacle garden room which can be used for a variety of purposes including an office or a music or art studio. They also offer a 10 year guarantee and claim their products are designed to last at least 30 years.

Room4-you however quote a starting price of £9,995, yet a look at their website reveals their garden rooms to be so comfortable and plush they are almost indistinguishable, from the inside, from a normal room inside your house. In addition, the company enlists the help of a RIBA qualified architect in order to produce unique bespoke designs tailored to individual customer requirements.

Some companies can offer 'green roofs' on their garden rooms which are planted with sedum, a creeping, fast-growing plant which is attractive while not presenting any significant risk to the structure. Windows can be double glazed and a range of insulation options are available. Some companies offer to plaster or paint the exterior for an extra pleasing aesthetic effect. Security is paramount and most companies should fit strong locks to all the windows and doors.

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