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Finding the right material for your window frames is a big decision to make, not least because you'll be seeing them just about every single day! The choice you make will depend what your priorities are and, of course, the value for money.

Thanks to their many benefits, both uPVC and aluminium are popular choices for windows, so we're going to take you through what they have to offer and how much they're likely to set you back.

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What are Aluminium Windows?

After installing aluminium windows, they can be a feature of your home for many years to come, making them a very popular choice. They can often look quite delicate because of their sleek, modern design, however they're actually anything but and can keep your home secure much better than many other materials.

What are uPVC Windows?

uPVC, or unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride, has become a popular choice among homeowners when it comes to choosing a material to frame their windows; they come with a lower price tag than many other materials and are often recommended if you're planning to install double glazing. They're used on the vast majority of new build homes.

Aluminium vs uPVC: Benefits

There are several benefits to both aluminium and uPVC, compare them using the table below:

Aluminium Benefits uPVC Benefits
Long lifetime Cheapest option
Easy cleaning Simple maintenance
High levels of security Durable
Lower energy bills Security
Environmentally friendly Insulation

For homeowners looking for a cheap window frame material, you won't get any better than uPVC. Despite their low cost, you'll still be getting durable and secure windows that will keep your home well insulated. Another benefit is that they don't require much maintenance, no need for any special treatments, a simple wipe every now and then will be enough to keep them nice and clean.

However, aluminium windows come with a very lengthy lifetime, so you won't have to replace them as soon as uPVC windows. They offer a modern look and will help to lower your energy bills by keeping heat in your home, plus it's a sustainable material that can be recycled, lowering its impact on the environment.

If you'd like the benefits of uPVC windows but the look of aluminium, then grey uPVC windows could be a great choice for you.

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Aluminium vs uPVC: Considerations

There aren't really too many disadvantages to aluminium or uPVC windows but you can see some of things you should bear in mind below:

Aluminium Considerations uPVC Considerations
Aesthetics Aesthetics
Condensation Lifetime

When it comes to the aesthetics of a window, it's often down to personal taste and whether they'll suit the type of home you live in, so this consideration is debatable for both. If the appearance of your home is a high priority when installing new windows, aluminium and uPVC might not be the best choice so you might want to consider timber, however on the right type of home, aluminium windows can offer a sleek modern look.

Something to consider with aluminium windows is that they're susceptible to condensation forming as the material is a good conductor of heat. While this is a disadvantage, you don't have to live with it thanks to thermal breaks.

While they're the cheapest option, you'll be replacing uPVC windows sooner than many other materials but that might not matter if you have a tight budget.

How Much do Aluminium and uPVC Windows Cost?

As we covered in the benefits, uPVC comes with a cheaper price tag but if you're looking for longer lasting windows with unbeatable security then aluminium windows are worth that bit more. You can compare the prices in the table below.

Type of Window Aluminium Typical Price uPVC Typical Price
Casement £500 – £975 £200 – £900
Sash £1,000 – £3,000 £700 – £1,100
Tilt and Turn £1,250 – £3,000 £300 – £700

These costs don't include the cost of installation which will vary depending on the installer carrying out the work.

Aluminium vs uPVC: The Verdict

You won't be making as big of a dent in your bank balance with uPVC windows but aluminum will have a longer lifetime. There are several similarities between both materials such as then being low maintenance, easy to clean and with double glazing could help you to save money on your energy bills.

If aesthetics and security are high on your list of priorities when choosing the material for your new window frames then aluminium boasts a modern style that uPVC doesn't have as well as incredible durability.

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