74% say double glazing is a must-have when buying a home

Double glazing to add property valueNew research has revealed that 74% of UK adults surveyed think double glazing is a must have when it comes to buying a property.

The survey, which asked just over 2000 UK adults, also highlighted how important energy efficiency is, with central heating featuring at the top of the list of property must-haves. Paying gas and electricity bills is listed as the biggest worry for homeowners in the UK according to YouGov, so it's unsurprising that having a home that is well insulated and affordable to heat is important.

Can double glazing increase property value?

If you currently only have single glazing, adding double glazing to your property can be a big selling point to potential buyers. Not only does it improve the energy efficiency of the building, but if your windows are looking tired or damaged then having them replaced can improve the visual appeal of your home to buyers too.

If you live in a period property and plan to replace your windows it's important to find the correct type to keep them in-keeping with the style of the building. In fact, installing modern uPVC windows in an older property could even be off-putting to buyers, so instead try and use a company who specialises in period property window replacements.

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